The passenger removed the landing of SSJ-100 on the unfinished strip at Domodedovo

the Passengers of flight of airline “Iraero” of Sabetta in Moscow, which today landed on an unfinished runway at Domodedovo airport, did not notice the error of the pilot had mistaken the runway. This is evidenced by one of them.

the Sukhoi Superjet 100 (side number RA-89078) landed safely at 14:16, neither the Board nor the 90 passengers were not injured. The problem arose only with the landing because the trap is not put into operation the runway was not provided.

the crew Commander admitted that in conditions of low cloud are under construction strip can be seen much better than her current “roommate”. At the same time, managers have indicated that they have warned the pilots about entering in the wrong lane, but received no response.

the Commission formed to investigate the incident. RCDS organized pre-investigation checks on the fact of the emergency landing. The airline will visit the representatives of Federal air transport Agency, which must now give permission for the departure of the aircraft with unfinished stripes.