The passion according to statistics: the Russian doctors helps system, which has no analogues

there Are active discussions recent data of Rosstat. Specialist who Geneva Michael Ryan said that a relatively small number of deaths from COVID-19 in Russia looks “unusual.” By 13 June, and added news and reviews.

the Doctors understand each other perfectly — a team of doctors from Moscow under the leadership of Denis Protsenko advises colleagues from Makhachkala. For several days the number of cases of coronavirus in Dagestan, slowly, but decreasing.

“We don’t see any big manifestations, outbreaks, therefore, could probably be stated that the first wave is on the decline,” — said the chief doctor of the clinical hospital ;40 Moscow Denis Protsenko.

because of the quarantine of the statistical services of all countries worked in extremely difficult conditions. Statistics Norway has published data on mortality from a two-week delay, US experts — often with an eight-week. Russian specialists helped developed and unique system of postmortem examination. Thanks to her doctors knew the cause of death of each patient.

Today is an important clarification from the Federal state statistics service. “Nine years in the country every year, there is a trend to lower mortality and, hence, increases life expectancy. However, in eight regions the mortality rate in April rose more than 5% compared to April of 2019”, — said the head of Rosstat Pavel Malkov.

It was in April on mortality rates first began to influence the epidemic of coronavirus. Across the country has died more than a thousand people with a confirmed COVID-19. But still there were cases when all the symptoms pointed to the coronavirus, but the tests infection were not detected. In addition, there are deaths when the virus was not the main cause of death, but accelerated it. Another category: for example, the patient died from the injuries, but at autopsy he was diagnosed with coronavirus. All these cases should be made in the statistics of deaths from COVID-19?

“of Course, you might desire them to lay down, but it’s absolutely incorrect. Are two different things. Fully confirmed death from COVID-19 are in the first group. All these figures are adjusted as new information becomes available and verified. The researchers believe that this data will continue around the world for a long time, and the final figures of the losses from the coronavirus epidemic will not be soon,” — said Pavel Malkov.

of the major States with a large number of coronavirus infections in Russia is indeed one of the lowest mortality rates. For comparison: in the UK almost 300 thousand infected and more than 40 thousand dead. Mortality was 14%. The same in Italy. In the United States — more than 2 million infected persons, 114 of thousands of deaths, the mortality rate was five to 5.5%. In Canada – 8% France — 15, Germany — almost 5. Doctors in Russia are unable to help 6,5 thousand cases — about 1.5% of deaths.

“even If you add it all up and what not to do with cases where COVID-19 was the main cause of death — that is 2.6 percent, said Tatyana Golikova, the Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation on social policy. The possibilities are almost one hundred percent autopsy gave us the opportunity in addition to the methodological recommendations issued by the who, to distribute the impact of the coronavirus in the course of other diseases in greater detail than is done in other countries.”

Moscow and the Moscow region — the most densely populated, they took the first and the strongest impact of the infection. Here are the data of Rosstat in Moscow just in April died 11834 people — almost 20% more than last year. Of them: 636 — coronavirus as the primary cause of death. 169 — perhaps the coronavirus was the reason. 360 — COVID had complications and hastened the death, and the 396 cases — coronavirus diagnosed, but death had no impact. But even if you include in the statistics all these cases, the mortality rate in Moscow will be the lowest among the world’s cities. In new York, London, Madrid, Stockholm, the mortality rate is several times higher.

“the Vast majority were saved from COVID-19. He died in Moscow 5200 with small people is a big number. Pathologists reviewed every death of each patient , we obtained a fairly objective picture,” stated the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

Adjustments in accordance with the new methodology did, and in the suburbs. The peak of mortality in the region fell in may.

“506 people have died in may, unfortunately. 900 — this is unconfirmed, but all the symptoms were. And more, plus 200 is a chronicle, which COVID-19 affected,” — said Moscow region Governor Andrei Vorobyov.

as accurate and detailed picture of the mortality rate from coronavirus infection exists only in Russia — in other countries, the autopsy practiced by physicians less frequently, and therefore during a pandemic find out what exactly has died or that the patient is not always possible. Experts who monitored the situation in Russia from Moscow, not from Geneva, also appreciated the quality of Russian statistics.

“a Huge testing capabilities have allowed Russia to have a very good big picture understanding of what is happening with the epidemic. These figures of course reflect the real picture. In any case, who has no claims to the Russian Federation, with regard to the statistics on mortality,” said Melita Vujnović, the official representative of the who in Russia.

More recently, two-thirds of all cases of coronavirus infection were residents of Moscow or the Moscow region, now — only every fifth. Capitals doctors to help colleagues, confident that the situation will improve.

“we See the trend of slow decrease and care of the epidemic, for doctors it remains a big challenge though. Because the tail of the epidemic always remain the most heavy patients who have a very high risk of death,” explained Denis Protsenko.

Thanks to the measures taken since the end of March the increase in the incidence of coronavirus fell sixteen times, and more than half of the regions of the country actively remove the quarantine restrictions. But Moscow has demonstrated a new standard of public events. Book festival, which was held on red square, has become the health master class how to give people not just bright, but also safe emotions.