The Pentagon has threatened new strikes on Iraq and Syria

the US is ready to strike again if necessary. This was stated by the Minister of defense of the United States mark Esper after a series Aviatic on targets in Syria and Iraq. Earlier in the Pentagon declared that attacked the positions of the group Kataib Hezbollah in response to the attacks on its members near the Iraqi base near Kirkuk.

According to authorities, the victim was a U.S. citizen, another four American soldiers were injured. As stated by mark Esper, he had already discussed with the President additional measures if necessary.

“the Ministry of defense took offensive action to preserve the security of our personnel and our interests in Iraq. Among attacked us points — three goals in Western Iraq and two targets in Eastern Syria. All the strikes were successful. In our conversation with the President, we discussed other options. We will not be afraid to act again in the framework of the policy of deterrence”, — said the Minister of defense mark Esper.

Of those killed in their reports, the Pentagon said. For them it was made by the representatives of the Shiite militia of Iraq. According to them the result of American airstrikes, 25 people were killed, another 51 wounded. Many of the injured were in a critical condition. In the Iraqi Parliament calling for an urgent withdrawal of all foreign forces from the country, reports channel “Russia 24”.