The Pentagon: the U.S. development of hypersonic weapons failed

John Khayten, the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff U.S. army, recognized that the development of States in the field of hypersonic weapon failed. To recover leadership in this area, it will take years, he said.

General Khayten said that ten years ago the United States was a leader in the development of hypersonic weapons. The Pentagon had two prototype and two programs, reports RIA Novosti. However, according to Hatena, they worked “very well.” Having failed, the United States began to investigate the reasons for the failure, and then canceled both programs.

a Week earlier, Donald trump said that the United States develop hypersonic weapon. 2018 created two missiles — ARRW class “air — land” and CSW distant radius of action. It costs the budget $ 1.5 billion.

Russia is the only country in the world, officially reported the possession of a hypersonic weapon. In 2019 Vladimir Putin announced the launch of a series of missile complex “Avangard” and that tests hypersonic “Zircon” were successful. Putin also noted: by the time other countries will develop their own hypersonic weapons, Russia will have more new weapons.