The plane crash in Almaty: 82 passengers survived only thanks to the pilot

Great Christmas miracle is the salvation of 82 people in a plane crash near Alma-ATA. The skill and experience of the commander of the aircraft and crew allowed us to avoid much greater sacrifices than you would expect. Unfortunately, when a plane crash killed 12 people, including the crew commander. The disaster in the program “60 minutes” goes the journalist Denis Krivosheev.

After takeoff the Fokker 100 aircraft was immediately to the right. He twice hooked takeoff runway. At the last moment the pilot was able to level the horizon, and the plane is not overturned. The pilot can give a must, said Denis Krivosheev, if the plane came to the ground with a roll, you would have caught the wing and it began to turn.

“Then it would be exploded fuel tanks, — says the journalist — and they were full.”

the Plane after takeoff actually never left the runway. First, he crashed into a concrete fence of the airport, then flew into the unfinished house.

All services of the airport were already on the scene within 5-7 minutes. On the field were over 40 ambulances and 200 police officers. After 50 minutes the injured were taken to the airport building. And from there started to deliver to hospitals. All on Board into the crash of the airline Bek Air were 98 people, including five crew members.

12 of the 49 hospitalized victims are in serious condition. After the accident initiated a criminal case under article “Violation of rules of operation of air transport”. The flight recorders detected. They were examined by investigators.

In Kazakhstan on 28 December 2019 in the memory of those who died in the crash announced a national mourning. In the crash killed 79-year-old Chairman of the Council of generals of Kazakhstan Rustem Kaydar.

From the Kazakh airline Bek Air have already been one incident: for technical reasons, refused front of the chassis. Fortunately, in Astana airport the aircraft was landed without loss pilot RUD.