The plane crash near Tehran: the probability of finding survivors is small

on Wednesday morning In the area of the International airport of Tehran crashed passenger plane Boeing 737 belonging, according to preliminary data, the airline “International lines of Ukraine.” Until confirmation from the Ukrainian side.

In social networks appeared the first footage from the scene of the crash, but check where the survey was carried out and the source of the information is not yet possible, transfers TV channel “Russia 24”.

According to specified data of the Ministry of aviation of Iran, on Board the crashed plane were 167 passengers. Doctors from the organization of the Iranian Red Crescent say that the probability to find survivors is very small.

the Scenario of the crash is still difficult to restore, previously it comes to technical failure. There are data from the service tracking air travel Flightradar, in accordance with which the flight departed from Tehran at 05:42 in Moscow, and just two minutes later communication with the aircraft was lost.