The plans and successes of

Rosatom has almost completed all construction and installation work on the second power unit of Leningrad NPP. In September-October will start commercial operation of a new universal nuclear icebreaker Arktika. Launched in late may in the North of the nuclear station has generated more than 50 million kilowatt-hours. All this the head of “Rosatom” Alexei Likhachev reported to Vladimir Putin. The plans of the Corporation, despite the global crisis, are performed. They are changing the Russian energy sector and the economy?

the Head of “Rosatom” is prepared for Vladimir Putin’s in-depth report on the state of Affairs in an industry that, like others, is faced with a crisis, but, apparently, keeps external shocks. In 2020, Rosatom increases the construction volume by 70 percent, including abroad.

for Example, in Bangladesh, on dusty country roads even go carts in which harnessed oxen, and a number of “Rosatom” is building one of the world’s most advanced nuclear power plant.

“I see you have revenue from work abroad is also growing, including this year, — said Vladimir Putin. Likhachev commented: “Increases in dollars by about 10-15 percent each year. We have finished almost all construction and installation work on the second power unit of Leningrad nuclear power station.”

the Belarusian nuclear power plant is already built and awaiting launch in July. The station has two power units with reactors VVER-1200, which have a double protective shell, able to withstand any disaster, natural or man-made.

the Vast pools behind the building of the first power unit — cooling system. They protect the equipment from overheating. Water temperature is governed by the natural state of the atmosphere. The hotter the weather the higher the fountains.

the President wanted to hear about how to implement strategic projects related to the development of the Northern sea route. Alexei Likhachev reported:

— We are OCAwas provided by this year, two very early posting of LNG carriers, is the “Vladimir Voronin” and “Christophe de Margerie” in may, the most heavy ice.

— who was involved in the transaction?

— Dragged two of our icebreaker. “Margerie” dragged “Yamal” and “Voronin” was our ice-breaker “50 let Pobedy”. It is our “Oldies”, but with an extended service life, in full compliance with all safety requirements. This year we get the first universal atomic icebreaker “Arctic”.

— That is, it is in the area will work?

Yes, it will work in the area.

the Icebreaker “Arktika” is universal — it can break through the thick ocean ice, to work in riverbeds. June 20 will begin the final sea trials. Five such ice-breakers (at the shipyard already laid the fourth in a row) will work in Arctic ice, by military ships and merchant ships on the Northern sea route. Freight traffic on the route is increasing every year.

the Head of “Rosatom” announced the figure, which are important not only for development but for the Russian economy as a whole. The Corporation retains the investment amount is 250 billion rubles. In the budgets of all levels it plans to pay this year, 220 billion rubles in taxes.