The player has witnessed the death of a teammate in an accident

the Player of football club Guingamp from France Natual Shrike died in a car accident, returning from a workout. Witness the death of his 23-year-old teammate was one of his teammates.

the Shrike while driving his personal vehicle lost control, resulting in accident. The football player died. All this he saw his partner, “Guingamp”, which followed him in his car.

Shortly about the death of the Shrike learned in the club: Guingamp in mourning. The club has experienced immense pain during today’s training, learning about the death of Natalia. On this tragic day all of the club staff came together to Express their condolences to his family”, — quotes the statement “Gengama” portal Cempionatam.

the Shrike played for Guingamp since January of 2018. For the duration of his contract he was going to rent in Valenciennes. This season he played two matches. Effective action on your account it is not recorded.