The police began checking on the fact of double voting: Pubic face a fine

of Moscow Police began an administrative investigation on the fact of double voting journalist Paul Pubic. This was reported on the website of the Department.

IN OMVD of Russia on the Tver area of Moscow has registered a material inspection. Criminal case concerning an administrative offense. If the information on dual voting are confirmed, Paul Lobkova may be accused of a crime provided for in article 5.22 of the administrative code of Russia (illegal issuance and receipt of ballots, bulletins for voting on the referendum ballot for nationwide voting).

law Enforcement agencies also will assess the actions of the officers of the election Commission.

in addition, additional checks in respect of the votes. Extensive coverage of the incident in the media does not exclude the assumption that the action on diskredetatsii vote in Moscow was planned in advance.

Deputy Chairman of Mothersurname Dmitry Reut told Interfax that all of the ballots in the ballot box, where he was the voice of Paul Lobkova, cancelled. This box will no longer be used for further voting, instead put the backup.

Reut noted that the detection of other facts of multiple voting will be done similar actions for annulment of ballots. According to him, such cases are rare.

For a second vote Pubic faces a fine in the amount of thirty thousand rubles. The journalist said that does not agree with this perspective. According to him, is to punish the developers of the electronic voting system.

Pavel Lobkov in the first time voted at a polling station in Moscow, the second time online. According to the rules, those who signed up for electronic voting, must be removed from the voting lists at their polling station.