The police checks after the attack the owner of the mansion for Teens

Police began checking on the fact of attack of the owner of the mansion on adolescents in the Mud. The incident happened on June 28. Two guys and two girls arrived at the local beach. Free Parking is not there, so they decided to leave the car on the ground near a private house. The company went to the beach, but soon the young people heard the sound of the alarm. It is reported STRC “Lipetsk” has aired on TV channels “Russia 1” “Russia 24”.

the boys, when they approached the car, she was badly damaged, and there were aggressive owners of the house. The couple was outraged that the vehicle was next to their fence.

the Teens began to remove the events on the phone. The footage shows that the man chasing them with a shovel in his hands. As told by 15-year-old Victoria Epifanova, he managed to hit her on the back: “I was hit in the shoulder. Good thing I had turned my back on them and not the person. Then he went to one of the guys,” says the victim.

the Teenagers also said that the owner of the house and hit the owner of the car. Later, the young people recorded the beating. The aggressor has calmed down only after the arrival of the parents of children, policemen and employees of Regardie.

currently, the police Department filed two statements. A man and a woman accuse the company that they threatened to kill the landlady, and the young people accuse the owners of the mansion in the beatings and damage of the car.

“Employees have registered both statements. This is being tested, after its completion will be a procedural decision”, — said the head of OMVD Russia in the Griazinsky district Alexander Gorbatenko.

Text: STRC “Lipetsk”