The police found teenagers, to extinguish the Eternal flame

the Police Nizhny Tagil (Sverdlovsk region) quickly found adolescents zatushevsky Eternal flame. They are pupils of the 7th class of the local school, one 13 years old, the other 14.

Together with the legitimate representatives of young vandals have taken to the duty part. Adolescents interviewed, after which a decision will be made. Students will put on the account in service for minors, parents are likely to attract to administrative responsibility, reports TASS. The school will conduct prevention activities and will deliver lectures.

In fact extinguish the Eternal flame has initiated a criminal case on vandalism.

Earlier it was reported that the evening of 29 may the young people poured water on the Eternal flame on the square of Glory, Nizhny Tagil, their actions captured by the surveillance camera. The record shows that young men purposefully approached the monument, the flames poured liquid from the bottle and left.

In recent years, in different cities of Russia, the cases of maltreatment of memorials. So, in the Moscow suburb of Odintsovo men warmed the water in the bucket to the Eternal fire, in Kronstadt, a man and two women thought to roast on the flame bangers.