The police of Bolivia requires that Mexico's extradition of former Ministers

the Police of Bolivia requires the Mexican authorities to extradite former members of the government who take refuge in the Mexican Embassy in La Paz. At the moment the building of the diplomatic mission are former Minister of culture and the Ministers of justice and defence. Officials suspected of sedition and terrorism.

Mexico’s foreign Ministry has expressed concern over the “excessive presence” of representatives of the Bolivian intelligence services at the Embassy in Bolivia. Diplomats fear the invasion of the territory of representation, and under international law, an Embassy is the territory of another country.

on 20 October in Bolivia, presidential elections were held. The majority of the votes received Evo Morales, at that time acting head of state. After the announcement of the results, opponents of Morales organized protests in the country, riots broke out. After three weeks of protests, Morales and several senior officials decided to resign, reminds TV channel “Russia 24”.