The Pope has apologized for shoving the pilgrim

Pope Francis has asked forgiveness for his restraint during communication with the faithful in St. Peter’s square in Rome, reports RIA Novosti.

the Incident occurred on 31 December. 83-year-old Pontiff entered the square to greet the people gathered there. Walking along the fence, he according to custom, shook hands with the pilgrims. When dad turned back to his room, one of the women quite unceremoniously grabbed him by the arm and sharply pulled it. Surprise, Francis lost his balance and almost fell. He pulled back the sleeve, and even a little spank on the hand the woman, who continued attempts to get him. Next, a guard intervened and helped the Pope to depart from the emotional parishioners. The footage hit the media and caused a heated public debate.

“Patience is love. We all often lose patience. It happens to me. I apologize for the fact that he set a bad example” — said today, Pope Francis, addressing the faithful.