The posture of Russian schoolchildren will help to correct the

Scientists of the University have developed a “smart” chair for students. The object of the invention is the adjustment of posture of schoolchildren. The principle of its action consists in the use of stabilometric platform — depending on the posture in which the man sits, his weight changes, informs GTRK “Kuzbass”.

the New device has built-in sensors and cameras that track the position of the body of the child during class. Any deviation from the norm will be fixed by special sensors that react to to transfer a greater part of the mass in certain parts of the surface. If the child sit incorrectly, the chair will give a specific signal. In this way the student will understand that the need to change position more healthy. In addition to parents and teachers, it is received by the school physician and a physical education teacher.

the Chairs have already tested volunteers. They came to the conclusion that the new product will be useful and will help children form good posture. A pilot experiment involving schoolchildren will spend three months.

Text: GTRK “Kuzbass”