The President of Montenegro took over the Church

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

January 7, the Orthodox world celebrated one of the brightest and most joyful of holidays — Christmas. The main celebrations were held in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. On the night of January 7, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill celebrated the divine Liturgy. In the festive service was attended by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with his wife.

Vladimir Putin met Christmas in St. Petersburg, in the Cathedral of the Transfiguration. For the President — a special place. It was there that he was baptized in infancy.

on Christmas, Patriarch Kirill visited the children’s hospital of St. Vladimir in Moscow. Together with the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova, his Holiness went to the ICU. In the ICU, he talked with parents whose children were placed in special boxes. Also, the Patriarch visited the Department of surgery for newborns. And, of course, not without Christmas gifts for the little patients.

Also, the Patriarch visited the Christmas tree at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Together with the children of his Holiness was held in the auditorium where students of the Sunday school of the Church has shown a small performance.

Later held a teleconference Patriarch Kirill with the Russian cosmonauts on the ISS, Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Skripochka. The Patriarch admitted that his dream of going to space will not come true, but because it is always a special feeling communicates with the astronauts.

January 8, Patriarch Kirill visited the Christmas celebration in the State Kremlin Palace. By tradition, the Patriarchal feast invite members of Orthodox gymnasiums and lyceums, Sunday schools, and children from large families, disabled and orphans. His Holiness, the children presented a Nativity scene.

By long-standing tradition on the eve of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill gave “Christmas interview” TV channel “Russia 1”. My colleague Andrew Kondrashova, the Primate spoke about the difficultthe times and the unprecedented pressure, which is now undergoing all the Orthodox world.

“the Orthodox Church was in an unprecedented foreign interference, which the Church does not have a direct relationship. Significant political pressure on a number of local Churches. All this is connected with the notorious events in Ukraine, attempts to locate and enter into the family of Orthodox Churches schismatic groups in Ukraine. The conflict that exists in the family of local Orthodox Churches would not be such a hard character, if not for outside interference. We are very sorry about this and once again thank God for what the Church can boldly upright, not taking his eyes away, to say that we do not depend on anyone”, — said the Patriarch.

Now the trouble came to Montenegro. It is the canonical territory of the Serbian Orthodox Church. However, President Djukanovic following the example of Ukrainian oligarch-President Poroshenko intends to get their pocket Church, thus destroying centuries-old brotherly ties to the Serbian and Montenegrin peoples. Jan 8, in Montenegro entered into force the law “On freedom of conscience and religion and the legal status of religious communities”, which leads not only to divisions within the country, but also to large-scale redistribution of religious property. In Montenegro, the Orthodox met the bright holiday of Christmas?

Author: Darya Grigorova

Branches of a young oak — badnyak — sent to the fire with a prayer. It is a symbol of the fire that lit the cave where Jesus Christ was born. So bright the night before Christmas in the Balkans. But even in the feast of the thoughts of believers of Montenegro — about the future of their home Church.

“We are fighting a peaceful procession and peaceful protest against the law and will not betray our Church and our Serbian-Russian brotherhood,” say local believers.

In Montenegro there is only one Church — the Serbian GreatChurch. Stirred up the Orthodox law “On freedom of religion,” which refer to the state property of all the temples and monasteries that were built before December 1, 1918. On the territory of Montenegro more than 600 Orthodox temples, 60 monasteries, the vast majority of which now the law will go from the Church under state control.

“It’s actually a law against Orthodoxy. Do not recognize the Orthodox Church, because it is called Serbian, not recognize that that Church is canonical for centuries was, for 800 years,” said the Amphilochius, Metropolitan of Montenegro and seaside.

the Soul of Orthodox Montenegro — Cetinje monastery. In a modest side cell, where priceless relics, eager pilgrims from all over the world to venerate the Holy relics. The right hand of John the Baptist came to Montenegro from Russia after the revolution.

how strong a spiritual connection with Russia, says here and icon of the Royal martyrs in the Central temple of the monastery. The Hierarch of the monastery of Cetinje is a Montenegrin Metropolitan.

the Town of Cetinje is the old capital of Montenegro. Until the XIX century it was a theocratic state, ruled by Bishop princes, who were at the same time the Church title. But their residence was the Cetinje monastery. So, first pick under the new law want it.

the Ringing of the monastery bell is heard well of the house on the outskirts of the city where, according to the label, is an organization called Montenegrin Orthodox Church. Tenants often look to the side of the cloister. On the adopted law on religion, which will improve his housing conditions, suggests Mirash Dedeic, the self-proclaimed defrocked Metropolitan. In the office — a portrait of the head of Ukrainian schismatics Mikhail Denisenko.

That organization Dedica the government plans to give churches and monasteries seized from the Orthodox Church. Today budget Dedeic receives 50 thousand euros per year, and President Milo Djukanovic to publicly support the so-called Autocephalous Church. But it does not recognize none of the 15 local Orthodox Churches, including the Patriarchate of Constantinople. Therefore, the Montenegrin Autocephalous not rule out an exit from Orthodoxy.

– If you don’t recognize other Churches, you can from Orthodoxy to switch to some other denomination, the Roman Catholic, for example?

Each Bishop may. And the Patriarch too. He might tomorrow, I don’t want to be a Russian Patriarch, I want to be in another Church. It is free will — reading Mirash Dedeich.

But rather just a self-proclaimed Metropolitan of talk about politics.

– What is your relationship with President Milo Djukanovic?

This is the biggest politician in Europe, said Dedeich.

– do you Recognize Kosovo as a separate state?

– the Montenegrin Orthodox Church goes with the next government. I can’t be against my country.

Now the so-called Autocephalous Church has 11 priests in the country. But how many parishioners can be seen in the building at the city cemetery. Services, according to the plaque, held here once a week. Inside fancy icons and fancy wooden dragons on the iconostasis. As will appear shrines of Orthodoxy under the control of such a Church is anyone’s guess.

Carved into the cliff at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, the monastery of Ostrog is one of the most visited and revered throughout the Orthodox world. And its founder, St. Basil of Ostrog the Wonderworker think the Keeper of Orthodoxy in the Balkans. He was able to protect the Orthodox faith during the Turkish rule. The most revered Serb Holy will help today to protect the Church, the believers hope. Visited the monastery in the same list with the Calvary and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Tempted to get this and other shrines themselves from the state is greatOE.

– that the material question for the government?

– During communism there were many enterprises are built, it is destroyed during this tradition. Sorry, it’s the mafia that has taken. Now there’s nothing left, and the only organism that has been preserved and updated, is the Church. And now we have the assets to take away, to take away the churches, said Metropolitan Amphilochius.

the Church is now out of the congregation. The procession through the streets of Podgorica is a separate prayer service in support of the Church and the faithful. Ahead are the image of the Saint Basil of Ostrog. In the procession — thousands of parishioners of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Prayers attended by 10 thousand people, which is a lot for Montenegro. And besides, in the country in this year’s parliamentary elections. It is with them, and associated emergence of a new religious law.

This is, in fact, the attack on the Serbian people in Montenegro, which occurs in an election year. Thus, this law is in the service of maintaining power. President Djukanovic, not just recognize that he is an atheist, and became the main initiator of the law, generating a schism. He has already brought the country out of the Union state with Serbia, and has put Montenegro on Euro-Atlantic course. The President now took up his own Church. The law with the peace-loving name of “freedom of religion” has entered into force.

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