The President said, why not punish the guilty publicly

the more senior the person, the more carefully it needs to communicate with subordinates, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. He stated this in an exclusive interview to TV channel “Russia 1”.

“effective leadership is not in the external stiffness, as in a sequence of decisions”, — stressed the President of Russia.

He said that does not like “to scold someone in a flashy manner,” and never does.

In the same offices, out of sight of cameras and reporters, “there are hard conversations.”

“But it was not — and I’m rather proud to say — the case that I offended someone, called, or — even worse — humiliated. This does not happen never” — said Vladimir Putin.

a Documentary film by Pavel Zarubin “Russia. The Kremlin. Putin” TV channel “Russia 1” will show 21 June at 22:00.