The President spoke about the minorities and the rights

Russia was not, and never will be restrictions of rights on the basis of race, sexual orientation and religion, said the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin at the hangout with the members of the working group for preparation of amendments to the Basic law.

to Impose nothing, Putin continued, the person should grow and to determine their own destiny. There was a time when homosexuality was persecuted. And now there are countries where sexual orientation is criminal penalties, including in some U.S. States.

Alexei Pushkov, told Putin about the “rainbow” flag, posted on the facade of the American Embassy in Moscow.

“Who works in this building? the President stated, and then laughed it off. American diplomats? Well, they showed who works there”.

In Russia, Putin said, has adopted the law banning propaganda of homosexuality among minors. We are opposed to something imposed. And it is not necessary on this issue, criticizing Russia, to force an open door.

“Let people grow up, become an adult and will decide their own destiny,” said the Russian President at the meeting with the working group to develop amendments to the Constitution, which was broadcasted by the TV channel “Russia 24”.

the comments that the propaganda of non-traditional orientation among children is even using rainbow ice cream, Putin said that for everyone, of course, will not follow who what the label came up, but to see in all the propaganda of the LGBT community is not worth it.

“If there is reason to believe that this propaganda of non-traditional values to us, the public organizations that share the official position of the Russian government outlined in the Constitution and our laws, need to be appropriately — not aggressive, is the most important thing is to establish public control”, — said the head of state.