The Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Russia is a very powerful player on the global stage

Especially for our favorite audience on the channel “Russia-24” from among the “political gourmets”. Today the guest of our program — Prime Minister, at first glance, the tiny country, which, of course, is Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

But it is not a coincidence that this seems to be a small country in the Caribbean now elected non-permanent members of the UN security Council: the authority and the gift of foresight, in particular, its Prime Minister, who holds the record for staying in power throughout the Western hemisphere.

a Year ago in his residence, he, as it turned out, quite accurately told us that we should not exaggerate the capabilities of the United States to change the government in Venezuela. Then he promised us to come to Moscow. This week arrived. Here we speak with him about new trends in Latin America and around the world.

– Since we last met in several South American countries there have been sad events. First of all — scale riots. And the underlying causes are different: in Ecuador and Bolivia, for example, tend to blame the representatives of the leftist and Chile — right. In addition, remember the results though legitimate elections in Argentina and Uruguay, but what paradoxes they turned out. What’s wrong with the political elites in South America, since we are now witnessing a very amusing situation, when the electorate and society are not one and the same.

– first, regardless of what happens in the political elite we must look carefully at the differences and tensions in society, says Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Everard Gonsalves. — Take, for example, Chile, where it seemed that everything is stable. But there are a lot of problems. In a growing economy there is a growing gap between the rich and the poor.

Another issue — students who need to pay the tuition. Other pensions that you need to consistently pay state employees. Solytic level can be very high. You may think that in your country all is well and under control in recent decades demonstrates stable growth and democratic institutions, but below boiling, there — flammable matter. In such circumstances, using a metaphor for a social explosion and mass exit of people on the streets needed only a spark from a match.

– But this is the problem, because governments in these countries were elected by all the laws of democracy.

– Yes, elected properly, but people can not tolerate if the government does not take the necessary decisions. It should also be remembered that these companies are still not fully formed. Too big a legacy of the past and the development process is still ongoing. I’m talking about the days of colonialism, genocide and slavery, and if you take the twentieth century, it is the application of the Monroe Doctrine when there was the hegemony of one state.

– And the policy of the big stick.

– Yes. And while it created a lot of organizations that turned out to be not able to perform their tasks.

– we Have little time. The last two questions are quite philosophical. After the liquidation of General Soleimani you’re certainly watching what happens around Iran?

– Yes, watching can.

– What Mr. trump wants?

– I’m not sure that he knows what he wants. With the exception of its obvious and fundamental desire to be re-elected for a second term.

– do You think that this is a purely political question?

– I Think that mostly everything that happens is caused by events within the American political system.

And it’s for 7 months before the election.

– Yes. Like baseball: you have to play to their base and be very strong. But the incident is a very risky idea, because the whole situation is very complex and extremely fragile. And the possible consequences can be dire.

– you are Absolutely right. And it bothers me. Most recent. You’ve never been in Russia before?

– No, never.

But you took our delegation to St. Vincent, there are many Russian.

– Yes.

And I noticed that quite a lot of Russian Grenadines.

– Right.

– What brings you here?

– in General, I was invited to speak at the Gaidar forum. I have two themes: sustainable development and climate change. And, of course, I came to negotiate with diplomats, with the Minister of foreign Affairs and Prime Minister. However, now I do not know who I will meet, because a few hours ago, the Russian government has resigned.

Well, the advantage of Russia is the constancy of the foreign policy.

– Yes.

– So everything will be.

– Yes, of course, I have meetings at the foreign Ministry, and I regularly communicate with professional diplomats, so I know. And the basis on which we must all build relationships is a principle of multilateralism, the so-called the international game. Some leaders trying to turn the UN into the organization to serve the interests of certain state powers. But the name itself — the United Nations — means the representation of the interests of all countries.

Just imagine, the United Nation — this is an oxymoron of some kind. As for Russia, it is a very powerful player on the global stage. For small States such as ours, it is very important to know the plans of this country for the future and understand how we can work together to strengthen relations. What can we do in practical terms. When I refuse, they say, and know that we are with Russia actually neighbors? Just our country in the UN security Council on the rights of non-permanent member sitting with her in just a chair. So we are surrounded by Russia on the one hand and South Africa on the other.

Thank you, sir, and let me remind our viewers that you are not just the Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and still elder in the presidential-Prime Minister’s case Western hemisphere.

– Well, I’m working on this post for almost 20 years. So, Yes, it’s quite a long time.

Thank you, sir.

– thanks.