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In Hamburg, started the AfD group in October, a Portal where parents and students were able to complain about their teacher, if expressed in the classroom critically about the AfD. The action attracted a lot of attention – and much criticism. For example, Minister of justice Katarina Barley, called the Portal “selective denunciation” and “a means of dictatorships”. Further associations of the AfD announced, to take action, what you implemented in part. (Here is the Link to the survey).

I go to learn more about my rights and obligations as a teacher.

User/Sascha H.

“I consider the projects of the AfD, the reporting platforms for the Manifestations of AfD to install critical teachers, for a strategy of intimidation. It represents a threat to our open society. For me personally, this has consequences: I will inform me more about my rights and obligations as a teacher. I make clear when I am expressing my personal opinion and I encourage the students to be fully informed, to be able to get yourself a clear opinion. In the future, I will discuss significantly more positions of the AfD with students, especially when they speak to the values of the Constitution.

pupils and students should increasingly Talk, quotes, or content of the AfD selection program to analyze. As a biology teacher in the upper school I have dealt with, for example, recently the issue of climate change on the basis of different scientific sources. The task is that the pupils of the statements in the AfD selection program to analyze climate change and personally.

Overall, the projects of the AfD means that I feel obliged to the educational mission of the schools comply with it. If statements of politicians to the spirit of humanity, democracy and freedom to disagree, and I can’t accept this as a teacher implied.”

User/Sascha H. (comprehensive school, North Rhine-Westphalia)

I must, as a politically interested, authentic Person occur.

User/Donk Bars

“I, as a teacher, the commitment to Mature students, to educate self-employed individuals, who take their political right of co-determination within the framework of democracy seriously and perceive it to be. This does not succeed me, if I act as a role model and so do, as would me, policy, cold, as if I had no opinion. I must occur as a politically interested, authentic Person. This includes, to my opinion, downright:. I invite each and every student just to Express their views and to contribute to the discussions. This is the core idea of the bag Bacher consensus that teacher occur as a political neuter.”

User/Donk Bars (Gymnasium, lower Saxony)

I’m going to now, our democracy is still passionate to defend.

User/David Nickel

“I’m going to keep to the Set up of these platforms in the same way as previously, of the basic law, as well as the bag Bacher consensus. If there are parties, groups, people, or positions that compromise our basic law and our democracy, I will always refer position. And if there are currently parties, or persons at risk due to the radicalization of the political discourse, anti-pluralistic slogans or by inciting racial hatred of our democracy, I’m going to designate this as such a threat. Instead of caution, I tend now to defend our democracy even more passionately than before.

From time to time, students who openly admit to meet me, to sympathize with the AfD. Although a lot of ignorance can be, but what frightens me is how many can not be more facts to convince and, instead, more of their prejudices spread.”

User/David Nickel (Gymnasium, Landkreis Lörrach)

I have my students be asked to denounce me.


I have asked my students to denounce me, but please “” as soon as this platform is in my state. For me, it would be an honor to stand as one of the First ones there. It would be interesting then, as my authority would deal with it. I’m trying to convince my College, in this action to participate. The more there are, the more absurd the Whole thing is!

User/in UN (without the location)

I see the AfD as a way to enrich my teaching.

User Thomas

“in the past, I look at the AfD rather than a way to enrich my teaching. As Alexander Gauland language, for example, that you should be on the soldiers of the Wehrmacht proud again, I quoted him on the subject of ‘war crimes of the German Wehrmacht’ in the deepening phase. The students were able to make on the basis of the developed teaching content to make an informed evaluation, without that, I contributed my opinion. I am neither more cautious nor do I have the feeling that it will be.

Occasionally, I teach students to contribute to the topic of ‘German identity’ in the history lesson a bit naive and problematic approaches. But since there is nothing we could not discuss in class, especially since divergent opinions on the question of what makes the German identity, of course, are very conducive to a discussion.”

User/Thomas (Gymnasium, lower Saxony)

If I bow, again a Wall.

User Steffen Friedrichs

“am not Insecure I am. But I was wondering if I should be looking for in comments, for my part better. At the same time I think if I marched myself to the bend, then a Wall falls, by the right-wing ideology.”

User/Steffen Frederick (vocational school, lower Saxony)

The AfD would like to take on a victim role.

“The AfD, the principle of Neutrality does not seem to either know about or you has – what appears to me to be more likely to use it in a populist: she wants to stay to take a victim role, to provoke them, in conversation. I wish I could have a gelasseneren dealing with the issue, so this calculation rises.

My students smile far more about this Portal, or joking: “do you Want to be reported?” I don’t have the impression that there are students who would ‘report to baiting’ of colleagues. Nevertheless, I say to the students, the reasons for which I design my classes to be controversial, and your grades are not dependent on whether you are, in my opinion. That’s what I did, but before there was this Portal.”

Anonymous (Gymnasium, Baden-Württemberg)

I feel myself obliged, in my opinion.

User Immanuela

“I tell my classes anyway, after the overpowering prohibition of the bag Bacher consensus, so that the students, if possible, independently to form a judgment. If something goes against democracy and human dignity, I feel obliged, in my opinion. Since you do not need to be careful. I do, however, transparent, which is my personal opinion and the criteria by which I form my judgment.”

User/Immanuela (without the location)

I will make mention of the AfD is rare.


“Whether I want to or not, unconsciously or consciously, I will make mention of the AfD is rare, and my opposition to the views of the party less or not at all. To get alone in the already stressful everyday life not even extra effort with parents discussions. Teachers are working at the Limit, we must always do more education work. There are already enough rights, and anti-social thoughts in the students. We can not turn the shift to the right in society, trying now from the outside on the classroom.”

User Mike (Baden-Württemberg)

I’m going to make my point even clearer.

User Herinho

I don’t have the feeling that my way of teaching must now be more careful. Rather on the contrary, I feel even more compelled to make the position clear, the against the anti-democratic conduct of this party. I would like to call my students to relate their own positions and for an open society – in the spirit of the basic law and of the bag Bacher consensus.”

User/Herinho (Gymnasium, North Rhine-Westphalia)