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the Program of “75 steps” helped to find the burial of a soldier of the Orenburg region. Investigators on the eve of the Anniversary of the Victory examine the graves of the great Patriotic war. In the Saratov region — in a mass grave — found Orenburg soldier, tells GTRK “Orenburg”.

His uncle Ivan Kuznetsova V. Farmhand loved like a father. After all, he was always her hero. Real Orenburg Cossack, the best mechanic on the farm. In the early days of the great Patriotic war he left his native village Kamennoozersky Orenburg area and went to the front. In battle he received severe wounds from which he died in the Saratov hospital.

“So young and went to protect us. The whole country, and we are family,” — says Valentina Laborer, niece of I. M. Kuznetsov.

Relatives were trying to find, where he fought and was buried Ivan Kuznetsov. But the list of participants of the great Patriotic war he was absent. Including in his native village. The memory of the red army Ivan Kuznetsov has immortalized his brother, Alex. He made a plaque, which stated not only the name of his brother, but the villagers who went to the front of Kamennoostrovski.

the Fact that John Smith — soldier, then confirmed by the Investigating Committee. In the framework of “75 steps to the anniversary of Victory” the investigators began to study the burials of the great Patriotic war. And in a mass military grave at the resurrection cemetery of Saratov has found the remains of Ivan Kuznetsov. Next is Orenburg, investigators tracked down the niece of the deceased soldier. Valentina was almost speechless. A dream to visit the grave of his uncle, a war veteran will finally be fulfilled. Victory day for Valentina Laborer what exactly is a holiday with tears in the eyes. In particular, and with tears of joy.

Text: GTRK “Orenburg”