The Prosecutor asked to save from punishment of the former accountant,

a Former bookkeeper, “the Seventh Studio” Nina Maslyaeva can avoid punishment in a high-profile case. With the corresponding initiative was made by the Prosecutor, addressed the court.

the State Prosecutor asked to sentence the former accountant to two years and three months in prison, and then release her from punishment. This decision is due to the fact that Nina Maslyaeva has already served the above sentence in jail and under house arrest. The accused person is dealt with separately from the main process, RIA Novosti reports.

While Nina Masliaev, according to the Prosecutor, shall, together with the other defendants to pay to the Ministry of culture damage at 129 million rubles.

a Former bookkeeper, “the Seventh Studio” — the only defendant who made a plea deal. The sentence against film Director Kirill Serebrennikov was based including on the testimony of Nina Massieu, who spoke about fraud. According to her, she received a monthly 150 thousand rubles for his actions.

the Verdict against women will be announced on Tuesday, June 30.

Kirill Serebrennikov on Friday, June 26, was sentenced to three years of imprisonment conditionally. In addition, he must pay a fine in the amount of 800 thousand rubles. The Director is charged with embezzlement. According to the investigation, in 2011-2014, “the Seventh Studio” received from the state budget of 216 million rubles to promote the project “Platform”. Pieces of silver and accomplices embezzled part of the funds. There have been several examinations. The latter has allowed to establish that cultural figures stole nearly 129 million rubles.