The protests in Tehran: a Russian expert has denied Western media

the Protest movement in Tehran can not be called massive. It involves dozens or hundreds of people, but not anymore. About this on air of the program “60 minutes” on TV channel “Russia 1” said the expert of the Russian Council on international Affairs Nikita Smagin, denying thereby appeared in the American media about the millions of protesters on the streets of the Iranian capital.

“that released people to the streets hundreds of thousands, or even millions, it is an exaggeration. While the action is of a purely local character,” — said the expert. He confirmed that the city put up the police, security outfits, ready for various developments. However, the official government position is that the police were patient and did not use weapons against the protesters.

Also Smagin has told about work of the Russian media in Iran. He stressed that current events, in addition to our, covers approximately thirty foreign editions, including American, German, French, English, Chinese, Korean. In the list of agencies known as the BBC and Reuters. The expert explained that because of their open criticism of the Iranian government, the authorities have taken a decision on the temporary closure of their offices.

8 January, the aircraft “Boeing-737” the companies Ukraine International airlines crashed few minutes after takeoff from Tehran. Killing all 176 people.

In Iran, rallies in memory of those killed in the crash of a Ukrainian plane, and in Tehran, the locals are protesting for a different reason. At the British Embassy dissatisfied require the closure of the diplomatic mission of the United Kingdom and the expulsion of Ambassador Robert Macaire. Before it was detained on one of the actions for inciting the crowd, but in fifteen minutes was released. In Europe, such events were met with condemnation.

Cancer of Germany Angela Merkel, together with British premierem Boris Johnson called the incident in Tehran in violation of international law. At the same time, London was reminded of its requirement to conduct a thorough investigation.