The quarrel in the American restaurant in 10 seconds turned into a brawl with shooting. Video

At the American restaurant the quarrel that arose out of the blue, for a few seconds turned into a fight that ended in gunfire.

the Incident occurred on January 7 in Miami in the fast-food restaurant Licking: 24-the summer driver sat waiting for my order when I heard a few belittling comments from an unfamiliar 21-year-old guy.

the Angry man snatched with fists on the offender, but he received several blows, ran, grabbed a gun and went to the counter, opening fire with their weapons.

the Driver fled after he heard seven shots. Four bullets hit the target, all in the right leg. The victim fell, and was soon hospitalized. The wounded man was operated on in a nearby hospital, doctors called his condition is stable.

the young man with the gun caught a local resident of Tamari Roll, returned to the restaurant, he continued his meal and was soon arrested. Police, he said that the argument did not provoke, was beaten and fired only in self-defense.

Now, waiting for Tamari court, local lawyers say that the guy is going to jail for a long time.