When it comes to access to care, we are not all equal. In some cities, it is easier to seek treatment or make an appointment with a general practitioner, a cardiologist or even a dermatologist for example.

On April 23, the Jean Jaurès Foundation scrutinized Doctolib data. According to its report, based on statistics from 75,000 healthcare professionals using the platform and nearly 200 million medical consultations in France in 2023, the time to get an appointment varies enormously in the territory.

For certain specialties, appointment times can be up to 3 months depending on the location of the patients:

The waiting time can vary from one day to 97 days for a pediatrician or from 6 days to 123 days for an ophthalmologist.

On May 10, 2024, Le Parisien compiled the ranking of cities where access to care is the least complicated. To do this, they compiled several indicators such as “the density of doctors from different specialties, the average appointment times or the ease of access to emergencies”, specifies Le Parisien. “This indicator with a barbaric name corresponds to the number of “accessible” annual consultations per inhabitant. It depends on the number of doctors, but also on their actual activity and the profile of the population.”

In our slideshow below, discover the classification by city where to live to receive the best care.