The real heat — come: Muscovites warned about the dangers of the sun

Allergic reactions can cause excessive exposure to the sun is just one of the troubles that threaten the lovers of chocolate tan. Capital meteorologists record this summer, extremely high index of ultraviolet radiation — almost the norm for African countries. Doctors warn that the sun is dangerous, especially when located at the Zenith. How hot is it in the next few days and what risks are posed to residents of the metropolis?

the meteorologist warns is only the beginning, but the real heat is found. Ten days of the summer solstice, which began on 21 June, can be observed in a new temperature records. This Saturday, June 27, the thermometer is forecast to rise to 30-32 degrees.

“the Sun’s rays, especially at midday, penetrate through the atmosphere almost without breaking or dissipating a minimal amount, so it is very dangerous. On Saturday, June 27, in the Central Federal district the UV index will be very high and reaches values of 6 to 8,” — said the scientific head of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand.

That is, UV index is almost twice higher than normal. It can play a cruel joke with the people who will be pulled into the warm day off to sunbathe and swim.

“UV radiation is affected by destructive on human skin, causing sunburn in the form of erythema, excessive early photoaging of the skin. Half an hour before going outside, always need to apply a protective cream at least 30 and no more than 50 SPF,” commented cosmetologist Maroua baichorova.

Excessive desire to relax often ends with heat and sun beats. Manager Natalia Egorova told how he saved the superheated man:

Consciousness is not lost. but he started to have seizures, become cold extremities. Compresses on the head was applied. To the doctor it did not come.

“At-risk prefirst of all, there are people who have light skin, who burn easily, tan poorly and who have a lot of moles. The high UV we have approximately 12 hours. Accordingly, from 12 to 14 is the time when you can inflict maximum harm,” said the physician, candidate of medical Sciences Alexey Khuhrev.

Paradox, but the sun this Saturday, June 27, doctors recommend in the shade. But where to take it? For example, Academic Prudy in Moscow — no umbrellas, no canopies, or even tap water.

the Salvation sunbathing — the handiwork of sunbathers. Sunbathing on the 32-degree heat requires adherence to certain security measures. It is better to sunbathe before 11 am or after 15 hours. You also need an abundant and soft drink, also mandatory headgear, especially for children.

as for the risk groups (people with heart problems, hypertension, and people with diseases of the skin and kidneys), it is better to spend the day at home or at the cottage, but always in the shade and coolness.