The real soft power of Russia

it is Estimated the audience for the broadcast “Scarlet sails” — the Central feast of the graduates of Russian schools, which this year because of the epidemic of the coronavirus changed the format and became virtual. So, the total percentage of viewers of the four Federal channels was 22.7% — more than 16 million Russians. It is comparable, if not more usually a record audience of FIFA world Cup. Indeed, the sight was mesmerizing.

I Must say, the organizer and sponsor of the show, the Bank “Russia” was a big risk, because usually the main energy of the holiday is determined one and a half million spectators on the quays of the Neva, who sing, dance, shake to the beat of lanterns, and now, when all the action for reasons of epidemiological safety was transferred to the Gulf of Finland, it was not clear whether it will turn out magic. Did it!

And it was a huge technical challenge, because usually a show off more than fifty of stationary cameras. And where to put them in the open sea? This time the whole picture was shot with multiple quadrocopters.

And found that to deny such a celebration Russia it is impossible. And it is impossible to deprive the entire planet, such a feast is the best in the Land, last year confirmed by a special prize of the prestigious competition Best Event Awards World.

Fragments broadcast “Scarlet sails” was on the Euronews channel, was broadcast on Chinese television, and spread through a global network of sharing Associated Press (APTN). He is a true soft power of Russia.

Text: “News of the week”