The recreation center will pay 350 thousand rubles for injury to a child about glass door

recreation center near Rybinsk will pay 350 thousand rubles to the family of the child victim. The money accrued in respect of non-pecuniary damage as a result of injuries from a broken glass door.

the Father of five-year-old son came to the resort in winter of 2017. Playing in an indoor hull, a five year old child did not notice the glass door of the girls crashed into her. The glass had severed the hands and face of the boy. Subsequently left noticeable scars.

my Father decided to go to court to seek the moral and physical damage from injury. Recreation sent a counterclaim to the victims. However, the regional court sided with the family, claiming that the glass in the door does not meet the GOST. This design is required to withstand the impact of 45-kg person by. The boy weighing 16 pounds had no way to break the glass.

Thus, reports state television and radio company “Yaroslavia”, court imposed to the base fine 175 thousand rubles, court costs and compensation to the family of 350 thousand.

Text: state television and radio company “Yaroslavia”