The red flag of revenge: how to respond to Iran for a murder Soleimani

the Iranian Parliament held urgent consultations in connection with the murder of General Soleimani, tomorrow, 5 January, all members will gather to discuss how the country should respond to those who shed the blood of the commander. What can we expect from Iran?

Over the mosque Jamkaran in the Iranian Qom raised a red flag. This is a reference to the precepts of Imam Hussain to take revenge for the death of the righteous. But there is not only a religious context, a red flag — a clear symbol of a state of war.

In Baghdad saying goodbye to the victims of us attack all the Shiite world. Escorted Iranian General Soleimani and Deputy commander of the Shiite militias of Iraq, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis — under anti-American slogans. Harness here the stars and stripes, but the American flag is called, is no stranger. The murder of the commander of the special forces of Islamic revolutionary guard Corps has rallied not only the Shiites, all the anti-American forces in the region embraced the American attack as a Declaration of war.

the Demonstrations are not only in those countries where the majority are Shias. In Pakistan, Jordan, Syria, U.S. citizens are now not very comfortable. Effect Soleimani may occur at any point in the Arab world. The successor of the murdered General Ismail Qaani does not mince words.

the Commander of the forces, “al-Quds” the IRGC of Iran General Ismail Qaani: “We appeal to all! Be patient! And you will see the corpses of Americans throughout the Middle East.

General Soleimani will be buried 7 Jan. Iran’s Supreme leader visited the family of the victim. Ayatollah Khamenei promised my daughter Soleimani that the perpetrators of the assassination of General will be punished. The President also spoke with the relatives of General.

“Thank you, God bless you, may he give you patience. God of wosbblagodarit you for their suffering,” he turned to the General’s daughter, the President of Iran Hasan Ruhani.

“Mr. Rouhani that spilled the blood of my father’s friends, he avenged them. Who will avenge the blood of my father?” — asks the daughter Soleimani.

“They will answer for the blood of this Martyr, don’t worry about it,” Rouhani promised.

Hassan Rouhani called the U.S. attack a great crime.

Analysts around the world are now wondering how Iran will respond to the murder of a General who was often called the third person of the state or the real Minister of foreign Affairs, if it was about war and peace. General Soleimani has really made a huge contribution in the destruction of the terrorist group ISIL (banned in Russia) in Syria, he was respected in Iran and Pro-government supporters and opponents. Moreover, he had enormous support in the so-called Shiite belt. The former head of the Central intelligence Agency, the TV channel si-Bi-es has made quite a realistic forecast. Michael Morell said that now threatened senior officials of the United States.

the Result of all this will be dead Americans, including civilians.

Now experts Express different assumptions, but still all guessing on a coffee thick. The Americans make it clear that any response would lead to escalation. This has already been stated US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. And here it is clear that Washington is counting on it. Iran simply won’t be able to answer.

And the US will create a coalition, where exactly is Israel, and Gulf countries relocating to the region with additional troops. Apparently trump, when I gave the order to kill Soleimani, and hoped that the airstrike will be “the Sarajevo shot” on the Bigm the East.