The remains of 11 Ukrainians killed in the crash

the bodies of all Ukrainians died in a plane crash in Iran, I will bring home on the same flight. The plane of the Ministry of defense remains in Tehran until all procedures with the remains. Earlier, the head of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps apologized to the Ukrainian downed “Boeing”. The commander said his staff made a mistake.

In the hands of the Ukrainian analyst Andriy Buzarova – stack of Iranian Newspapers. On the first page – photos from the scene of the crash, in the articles – lists of the dead. Names Buzarova they are not only a Fluke.

“I two days did not sleep. The body felt something that could happen. Unexplained General phenomenon. The conference organizers, they told me to buy 8 still, we’re not going to pay for a hotel. I thought I’d risk it, he’ll pay, one day still walk,” says the resident of Ukraine Andrew Buzarov.

While the remains of 11 Ukrainians killed in the crash of the airliner, Iran can not leave – not all procedures are completed. The Ministry of defence of Ukraine assured that their aircraft will be back in Tehran, only when the bodies all Ukrainian citizens will be on Board.

Earlier, the Iranian government officially apologized for the mistake later of her sorrow in the Parliament were shared by the head of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps.

“We were at war with America, and we are still in it are. We are soldiers of this nation and betrayed the people. I swear to Almighty God that he would like to be in that plane, crash it and burn, not to be a witness to this tragic incident. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my entire life. Never. We made a mistake, and many of our compatriots were killed because of our mistakes, but it was unintentional. We apologize. We’re sorry,” said the commander of the Islamic revolutionary guards Corps of Iran Hossein salami.

across the country, meanwhile, rallies in memory of those killed during the Krushtion of the Ukrainian aircraft. However, in Tehran, a crowd gathered for a different reason. At the British Embassy, local residents demanded the closure of the diplomatic mission of the United Kingdom and the expulsion of Ambassador Robert Macaire.

It the day before detained in one of the actions for inciting the crowd, but after 15 minutes of released. But in the Iranian foreign Ministry, however, called to Lodge a formal protest. In Europe, such events were met with condemnation. Cancer of Germany Angela Merkel with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the incident in Tehran in violation of international law. At the same time, London was reminded of its requirement to conduct a thorough investigation.

“Countries around the world will want to see that there is a proper, clear and transparent investigation, which is aimed at figuring out what exactly happened, for Iran itself to make sure nothing like this never happens again,” said the Minister for security in the UK Brandon Lewis.

a thorough investigation during the funeral ceremony for the victims of the tragedy said and canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. However, he, unlike the British colleagues, added that Ottawa will seek to bring to justice those to blame in the plane crash.