The removal of restrictions and the new

Most of the restrictive measures in force in the capital, no longer apply. In this regard, from the Muscovites received a lot of questions. The mayor of the city answered them, the TV channel “Russia 24”.

— Sergey Semenovich, on Monday, 8 June, you announced the phased withdrawal of restrictive measures. How did you decide this? Does this mean that we have reached that same plateau, of which the last few weeks have been hearing?

I don’t know from whom did you hear about the plateau, I never said. If we had a plateau, we would be no decision on the lifting of restrictions was not accepted. We have, starting from 7 may, there is a constant, steady decline in all indicators related to the epidemic. The number of newly detected patients, this number davidnyc pneumonia is suspected cases of SARS, with a preliminary diagnosis on COVID-19, the number of hospitalizations, deaths, in the end, all of these indicators are stable for more than a month give us a more positive picture. It is on the basis of this dynamic is that we take a decision to reduce those or other restrictions. After a withdrawal period passes, we’re looking at job, what are the results, and then take the following decisions.

— Sergey Semenovich, now pay attention to the fact that every day revealed approximately the same number of cases of coronavirus. Also many frightening number of people who, unfortunately, died from COVID-19. What about the dynamics?

— of Course, it is not necessary to relax, but to say that we’re not reduced completely wrong. We’re at the peak of the incidence was 6.5 thousand patients with newly identified coronavirus, and now how much we have in Moscow? 1.5 thousand. But it is three to four times less than it was. And how many have pneumonia every day revealed, let’s remember. We had 2.5 thousand a day, and now — a little more than 500 is 5 times less. What are you talking about? We used to grow for hospitalization every day. Why we created hospitals? Why we built a temporary hospital? Because I was afraid that this momentum will continue. Nothing of the sort! Every day the number of prescribed patients much more than those who go to the hospital. This positive trend lasted for about a month. Therefore, we derive the hospital of coronavirus circulation, pass them to the normal scheduled treatment.

as for deaths, they also gradually reduced. But mostly, it is the death of seriously ill, long lead doctors, this person is not today, but two, three, or even four weeks ago. The disease develops gradually, doctors fight for every patient and try to save until the last minute. Therefore, it is impossible to watch two, three, four days — we must look much more “distance” to understand what is happening.

— Mr Sobyanin, there was a feeling that all the restrictions are removed at once. This is true or not?

— This is not true. Do you remember what time we started to remove the restrictions? When was this? The first decision was made about opening an industrial and construction enterprises. They began to work on may 12. It was the first big decision that we have taken for the removal of restrictive measures. Went to work then hundreds of thousands of people. After that we started to see what occurs further positive dynamics, reduced the number of illnesses hospitalizations and so on. Adopted the following decision on the opening of trade in nonfoods. That is, in fact, opened all the shopping malls, in part of the enterprise life. Made a decision about the possibility of walking in accordance with the schedule that we set. Since that time it has been more than 10 days. The 9th June we took the decision to cancel admissions and schedule of walks. This Regism acts on almost the entire territory of Russia. No electronic passes no graphs of the walks there. We did not say that all opened, we said that we will gradually continue to open — June 16, June 23. Mass gatherings generally took in July. Everything is stretched, at least not simultaneously, and for two months.

Remember when we were in constraints, we did just a few weeks, and leave for two months. Look how certain measures work, is not violated if the epidemiological situation. You can move on, if there are some spikes and so on. We control the situation and now understand how it develops, how the margin of safety in the medical system, it is able to provide effective assistance or not. And only on the basis of these data taken the following decisions. So do we at once do not remove!

— Permission to walk without restrictions can now be taken as “I can do whatever I want”?

— No, don’t do what I want. We need to understand that we have not neutralized the virus, as, indeed, it is impossible to win no virus, including the flu virus. Therefore, permission to walk does not mean that they can do whatever they want. Remains mask mode, social distancing. Yes, we do not forbid to walk, yeah, we don’t watch people and don’t say, “stay home!”. In the end, people can’t sit at home over the years. We’re three months spent at home. But we should still take advantage of the freedom that we have today, gently, carefully so as not to harm your health and the health of loved ones, protect yourself. If the Park has a lot of people and is not overcrowded, don’t go there, choose another time and place for self-preservation. there is a service which shows the utilization of parks. You can see how the Park is currently loaded in the dirthe ima online and make your choice. I am very your please, be careful, be careful. Take care of yourself!

— Mr Sobyanin, what will be the requirements when shopping and subway? Thank you!

— in Any case we do not remove the requirements for work shops, metro. Saved masono-glove mode like in the stores, and the metro and buses. This is especially true today, when a large number of people out of the house, without restrictions visits shopping centres, shops. Every day an increasing number of people in the subway, public transport — trams, buses. Moreover, it is necessary to observe the mode mask and wear gloves when you go to public transport or shops. It is very important that we retained the positive dynamics COVID, which today is, so we also took the following decisions regarding the opening of other sectors of the economy, returning to a normal life.

— What requirements will apply to cafes and restaurants, the opening of which is expected in the next week?

We have this discussion today are representatives of the restaurant business, food service, sanitary doctor of Moscow specialists. General recommendations developed, looking at how they can adapt, how they are redundant or not enough. This discussion produced the requirements. Of course, just like you can’t open it — should be the requirements for disinfection, constant state of cleanliness in the cafes and restaurants, working in masks staff is a whole set of serious demands. Business expressed concern that it will be requirements, which will be more expensive than his work. Therefore, we create such platforms to discuss these measures, so they were optimal: on the one hand they would provide sanitary requirements, on the other hand give the ability business workAMB, you can visit the cafes, restaurants and so on.

let me Remind you that the street café will work if our situation will not change for the worse, since June 16, and inside the restaurants will be more to come on June 23.

Monday, when it was introduced a relief, it’s been four days. Is it possible to speak about some statistics that shows or not shows what is the situation?

— Until, of course, too early to talk about some serious statistics. It should be borne in mind that the question here is not only these four days. I have already said, we are more than a week ago, opened all the shopping malls and was allowed to walk. And this is already quite a period of about 10 days, nothing bad happened. On the contrary, we see that we have improved performance on all, without exception, parameters, so in this respect everything is fine. We see business beginning to return to their work, the people, too. Two-thirds of opened shopping centers, 67 percent of shopping is now working. However “the shed”, I want to say, not so fast. We talked about beauty salons, hairdressing is only one-third, not any more. But I hope that gradually they will return to work.

— What will happen next with mobile hospitals? They will be in a “frozen” state some or pereprofilirovanie under something?

Yet they will stand in reserve, because we have all the same risks remain. On the other hand, we cannot indefinitely hold “under the gun”, that is, permanent hospitals, which are necessary for routine or emergency assistance for other types of diseases. Therefore, we reserve the optimal grouping davidnyc hospitals, everything else is output in normal operation mode. But to insure that we always have in stock will be mobile and temporary hospitals, although they oHena, at a high enough level and no worse than the basic clinics that are working today. There may, of course, less intensive care, some other sophisticated equipment and technology, but, overall, they are quite suitable in order to insure the situation for any development.

— As the Moscow business has responded to the pandemic? How he feels now? Is there any statistics? This has helped support who did not help? And, of course, as respects the business now those provisions of the CPS that still need to continue to observe?

— in fact, the coronavirus had a large impact on the global economy, not only in Russia but in all countries, and you know it. In Russia, too, they say, “did not seem enough”, especially for the tourism industry is the hotel business, retail trade, especially of non-food group. And today, when we derive from a stage of restrictions, for example, non-trade, it gradually, day after day, recovers its position. Whether she will recover completely is the question. It stems from the fact that the period of limitations is very much up online, wholesale trade. Moreover, if you add up the retail and wholesale trade, to take a full turn, for example, in Moscow, it is comparable to the pre-crisis period. But if you take the retail one, we see there’s a serious drop. So it happened as if the change in the structure of trade. She will recover fully or not, I can’t tell, let’s hope so, because they themselves are shopping centers, today it is not just shopping malls, where they sell certain groups of goods, a kind of cultural, sports centres, centres of public life in many areas, where people come not only to buy something, but also to relax. There are many children’s entertainment venues, sports facilities, skating rinks, swimming pools and tAK on. Here is the whole infrastructure today is not working. Only works while the trade itself. This, too, is kept to be restored in the volume of shopping centers. But I hope that the restrictions we will remove, and shopping centers again will earn in full.

The same applies to catering. Moscow in addition to the measures that have been taken at the Federal level (you know that there is a huge program generated), and introduced also four packages of business support. They relate to the premises lease, deferred payment of city taxes such as property tax, property tax, preferential credit and a range of other subsidies, interest rate subsidies. It all draws for today at least 80 billion rubles of municipal support, and business makes extensive use of these support mechanisms.

— If we return to the problem of the proliferation of viruses, and this, say many experts, will have to return periodically, all are now interested in the question of what vaccine? What we have with drugs? Today the news said, began to deliver in hospitals drug “Avidavit”. About the virus experts recently said they have no idea how it works, what you need to take in order to reduce its destruction. Now there is an understanding among those professionals with whom you communicate, probably, every day?

— I will not replace them, it’s their bread — to tell you how are certain drugs which vaccines are developed. I will say in General that do a lot of work on the development of this vaccine, there are several institutions, several areas, several options for vaccine worked. In the world too, at least three vaccines are already in the regime of clinical trials. So I think in the coming months will have more and more positive news about the creation vaccine.

But I have to say it is not enough to conduct clinical trials, not enough to register the vaccine — it is necessary to establish not just the production, and mass production, that is, it must be in the millions of doses. Not dozens, not hundreds, not thousands — millions! And that is to increase the amount, of course, will take time.

Colleagues are already saying that the first party may appear in August, September, October. But experts say that mass vaccination is only possible towards the New year, for the winter. But I hope it will be sooner — still working on it as quickly as possible in these processes. But in General there is no doubt that such a vaccine will appear, and will appear in the near future.

as for drugs, indeed, the new drugs appear to be recorded. Everything that appears new, with “wheels” almost, with the factory entrance, enters the hospital network of the city of Moscow, and not only for hospitals but also for outpatient treatment.

— Will there be any event and will it be possible to go somewhere with children in the Russia Day and the day of the parade?

— I would not recommend to go anywhere these holidays. We have banned the mass event. Yes, the official event will be held on June 12 and on the day of the parade, but it’s better to watch on TV. No huge crowd or spectators should not be. It’s a big risk for you and for your kids and for your loved ones. And therefore it is better to limit yourself to trying to find events, it is better not to do.

IFC will work normally as usual, or by appointment only?

— We will continue to work on the record, not to create queues, to minimize the possibility of Contracting coronavirus. This is a fairly simple electronic record. We have CEtoday some of the deficit on provision of services no. While we will work in this mode.

— Lot of questions not only about the work of the IFC, but also about other different organizations. Not yet opened its doors to its employees. Someone probably reinsured. This is determined by the employer himself, I understand?

— Yes, of course, the employer determines how to open, how much. But we still, I want to draw the attention of employers and managers still advise you to work remotely on remote, as they say now. If possible, it would be better to do it remotely, without creating crowding in offices and enterprises. Where this is not possible then to provide sanitary regime at the enterprise. But, if possible, to continue to work on udalenke.

— If you come to Moscow from the region, it is possible to fall under quarantine or not?

— we quarantine for visitors from the Russian regions has never been, and I hope that will not happen. Of course, if need be, come, but generally at the time it would be good to restrict travel.

Moscow is now epidemiological regime is much better than in many other regions, but they impose a quarantine for visitors from Moscow. My colleagues and I were talking, I asked them all the same to see that it was a reasonable approach. Because this just told the chief sanitary doctor of Russia Anna Popova, if in the beginning Moscow was more than 60 percent of all patients with newly identified coronavirus, today it is little more than 20 percent, that is, how would this “pyramid” now. More the situation is difficult in other regions, than in Moscow. At least in the capital we never set up such a regime and install its not going to.

— Maybe there are some special considerations when you walk? How to use the children’s sitesand? You plan in the future to strengthen disinfection?

— playgrounds now it is better not to use it — they are closed. We plan to open in courtyards and parks on June 23, if you will allow the epidemiological situation. Today, I would still not recommend to use them, they really are closed and prohibited to use. When they opened, then of course we will strengthen the sanitary protection requirements disinfection, it will be made mandatory.

We are now, as they say, live in the new normal, filled with challenges and risks. It is necessary to adapt, including adapting and urban development associated with more frequent cleaning, disinfection. The transport is done fully, it ensures disinfectants and graphs provided hard flushing, disinfection, which is, I think, in any metro in the world.

— We gradually begin to return to normal life, to which all are accustomed. What would you recommend to people? How to behave, what to pay more attention? And what not to do?

— of Course, we return step by step to a normal life, of course, opens one enterprises for other permitted trips through the city. But once again I want to appeal to Moscow and to pay attention to the fact that the virus is not yet defeated. Risks of morbidity still remain high. You need to protect yourself and family, all you need to do in order not to provoke a situation that would put you in danger — not to go to those places where you see the sheer mass of the crowds, be sure to wear a mask. Going to the transport and store, wear a mask and gloves. I very urge, especially if you have elderly people in the risk groups with chronic diseases. You can today infection nothing wrong and will not do, but with your family and friends can. So please continue berect yourself. Thus we will have more and more guarantee that every week we will open new opportunities, as you rightly said, for “normal reality”.