The removal of restrictions in Moscow: workers return to offices readers in libraries

According to the operational headquarters, a day in Russia revealed 8248 new cases of coronavirus. Second day in a row is kept minimal since the beginning of may figure. In Moscow daily gain does not exceed fifteen thousand, and this stability persists more than a week. All in all, more than 60 per cent of all patients succumbed to the infection and is now healthy.

the Number of new diagnoses is declining in the regions – for two days this indicator without taking into account Moscow does not exceed 7 thousand. The prevalence of infection in many regions fell below one, and thus it is possible to speak about a new stage of lifting restrictions.

In the capital on June 16 resumed the work of museums, open libraries, rental offices, dental offices, summer terrace and a zoo.

Office job is no longer routine: after quarantine workers back on the old place, but with new accessories.

“Now, look, we have to wear masks and work gloves sit”, – said the head of the Board of Directors of the industrial company Sergey Bogdanov.

a New stage in the lifting of restrictions: the offices started to work from June 16. The number of employees who must be physically in the place determined by the employer. The rest can continue to work online.

“Now really, my partners and friends are reviewing the mode of operation,” continued Bogdanov.

In addition to the financial statements – gloves, masks, antiseptics.

Here they look more familiar: dental clinic began work.

“Once a week we pass the testing for coronavirus” – said the head of the therapeutic Department of Moscow dental clinics number 49 Tatiana Smolenskaya.

Mask mode and in the main library of the country. It’s open again today. Protection, preservation of distance between the readers, but the quarantine will take place, a volume of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. Leninka returned udalenke.

After the return books to the library they will go into isolation, quarantine on special shelves. And so each time. The virus can easily reach the paper remains on the surface for a few days. To the knowledge still remained a force in the Russian library out an experiment.

“in addition to the conventional dispensers, the marking of social distance, placement of chairs, we have to care about books,” – said General Director of the Russian state library Vadim Duda.

the Library will run in limited mode: pre-recording 100-150 readers a day – not more. According to this principle in the coming months I plan to live and museums. Today, they also opened doors.

“in order that a visitor would come to the exhibition, he needed to pre-purchase a ticket online with the choice of the interval of entrance. Thus on the Museum’s website before purchasing a ticket the visitor selects the half-hour interval, for example, from 11:00 to 11:30, when he will go to the Museum”, – said the head of Department on work with the audience of the Museum “Garage” Egor Sanin.

Develop a completely new approach for those who are hungry for culture, and for those who and the food – most anticipated: opening of the porches of cafes and restaurants.

“We just didn’t make the decision. All decisions seriously enough verified, and we see every stage. This past Monday checked again, not wrong, do we? Looked at all the trends, – said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. And detection of the disease, and hospitalization, and the number of pneumonia – everyone falls, and quite confident.”

the Next stage of the lifting of restrictions is scheduled for June 23. Then, with all precautions will open restaurants and fitness centers.