The removal of restrictions in the suburbs, a mask mode and vote on the amendment: interview Vorobyov

the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov, the TV channel “Russia 24” to speculate about the role of the region in the great Patriotic war, the future plan for the removal of restrictions. Also statesman told how in the suburbs will be voting on amendments to the Constitution.

— Andrey Yurievich, today, June 22, the Day of memory and grief — the day of the great Patriotic war. In the Moscow region, of course, it is also celebrated. I know that in Pavshinsky the floodplain today, you opened a monument to St. George.

We opened the day with a moment of silence was prayer in the temple. Opened the monument to St. George in honor of our cities of military glory. The role of Moscow in the great Patriotic war, however. Here to protect our capital, probably, people from the entire Soviet Union. Not probably, but exactly why this is a special day. It is tragic but, in any case, at the moment associated with Victory, with Victory parade, which will be held June 24. This is a great celebration of our heroes, our holiday, and I think the key is to make sure that my children, and our children understand how important these observances as a key value they have for our country, our great Russia.

— in Parallel, we see how Russia is gradually opened the economy from the coronavirus. Tell me, what’s the plan for the opening in the suburbs?

We watched, we had the opportunity clearly to say that we closed first and then opened. I really hope in the next interview we have the coronavirus is the tenth issue I’d like to hope. In fact, with the number 25 we open all trade, in particular shopping centres. 1 July — sports halls, a 15 — year-old camp. Here are three such points on which, perhaps, I should say. That is, in fact, the roI, there is only mask in crowded places, and of the ban on quite events. This will be limited to — concerts and some events. We have a steady decrease of the hospitalization, good dynamics in this extract work medications. All latest drugs, which, in particular, said your channel, they already did, they are in hospitals. It gives a good result. Of course, waiting for a vaccine, which will finally allow us to say that you can not be afraid of this kovida and not to plan on him such huge costs. Of course, a difficult period was, but, thank God, now everything is under control.

— Andrey, another important topic. Next week will be voting on amendments to the Constitution. In Moscow region this vote will take place, what are you cooking?

— This is an important event. We are as comfortable, convenient, safe organize the vote. If someone can’t come, it will come. In the yards we make it convenient to give a vote for the Constitution. In General, all security measures, which should also probably say, must be provided. There will be no problems. The Constitution is our basic law, the Foundation, and I very much hope that Moscow region will always show good result. The stability, social guarantees, economic development, family values is everything, of course, important, but I think the most important thing is that we have our President, our “Atlas”, which keeps the entire system. If you look at the city suburbs, it would seem, more than 50 of them, but each has one or the other of the presidential program. Perinatal center or Park, improvement or modernization of the education system — all of this for us is critical. So our President has the opportunity to continue to be strong, continue to run. We can beü protected from any unexpected tracking events, and I think the most important thing. So I really hope everyone understands this perfectly. So we will vote for all of this and we are ready and in a good mood because the weather favors.