The removal of restrictive measures and voting on amendments: exclusive interview with Sergey Sobyanin

Opened summer terrace, people walking in the parks, squares don’t look like wastelands from movies about the Apocalypse. What is the situation with coronavirus infection in the capital? When open gyms? How will voting on amendments to the Constitution? On these and other issues in the TV channel “Russia 24” said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

— Mr mayor, how would you assess the epidemiological situation in the city? Doctors who has recently worked in an intense, even an emergency mode, did not become easier?

— You have already said that the city is filled with life, people walking, filled with summer terraces of restaurants and cafes. Many sectors have returned to pre-crisis period, returned to work hundreds of thousands of people, you can even say millions. Increased the number of people in transport, there were traffic jams, in the subway increased traffic. In General, the traffic in Moscow is about 70 percent compared to the same period last year. Of course, we are so concerned with things associated with the spread of the coronavirus that, on the one hand, rejoice in what is happening, the eyes rejoices the whole picture, on the other hand, is a feeling of anxiety, as this will affect the epidemiological situation, not worsen any.

I Must say, we every week, every day, in fact, looking over the situation, and I have to say that despite this increase in the number of people on the streets, on the roads, at the opening of a number of companies, the situation in Moscow every week is greatly improved. Over the last week it has improved somewhere 25-30 percent in all major indicators. This applies to newly diagnosed patients COVID-19, and hospitalizations, and the disease is pneumonia. By all indicators, without exception, Moscow, despite the lifting of restrictions, is moving in a positive direction. In the positive — in the best sense of the word.

what concerns medicine, where the situation is also good, because we have received this week a decision to withdraw three thousand beds, which worked COVID-19 planned care. That is, additional to what was previously accepted, because hospitals are half-empty, we can’t keep like this, while maintaining still a certain reserve. And, of course, a number of hospitals continues to actively treat patients who are in severe form.

in addition, you remember, we’re in 45 clinics, outpatient centres were established coronavirus centers used computed tomography. Now, the first tranche of 12 of these clinics again returned to normal operation.

— But those clinics and hospitals that have been previously converted, at 100 percent it is now back to performing their usual duties, to render their usual assistance?

— Not all, because a sufficiently large period of time is required in order to translate from the coronavirus in the planned mode. For this range of events should go: disinfection, the extra equipment., maybe even some light repair is defined by the instructions of the CPS, they should be strictly adhered to. But to date, most of the clinics that we made the decision, has been transferred and begin to carry out planned care for patients.

— If you remember, Mr Sobyanin, recently there have been cases, which was followed by all the media, everyone heard about it: when a person is diagnosed with COVID-19, not all people agree to sit at home be treated at home. If symptoms permit, some turn a deaf ear to this attitude — they were going to walk to the shops, went to chat with people. Then somehow disappeared this information. Does that mean that now everything has become much more responsible or social monitoring well cuts through all these cases? What is, in your opinion, is it?

— first, the bolsha the number of violations we have recorded (in absolute figures) for violation of the electronic passes. It concerned, first and foremost, motorists, and partially public transport passengers. We abolished e-skip left this story in principle. So, of course, the amount of administrative penalties has decreased. But I have to say that in the beginning, when we have monitored the situation regarding the ban of leaving the house sick with coronavirus, contact with suspected disease, the volume of violations was also not so big. 90 percent of the residents strictly observe the established regime, but about 10 violated and received punishment accordingly. If these punishments were unjust, we quickly and actively try to find and remove these comments.

At present, the discipline in this respect among the citizens has increased significantly. Today we are among the violators a maximum of 3-4 per cent — this means that 96 percent of citizens strictly follow the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor, doctors, and do not violate this mode. It’s great! It’s a guarantee that the patient does not infect anyone around, don’t go for a walk, as you said, or to the store. He will not have contact with other citizens.

For today as we all got more and more “revealed” to us is of fundamental importance to people are being diagnosed with the coronavirus (as we tested in huge volume), were at home and strictly adhere to doctors ‘ orders. It’s a guarantee that everyone else can freely walk, chat, work. This is a mandatory requirement.

— Mr mayor, if you remember, all previous times, when we communicate with you during a pandemic, people asked questions about IFC: when they open, when it is possible to obtain that certificate, this certificate. It is now working centres? By appointment or as before?

According to prior, but we, of course, tender mode is a tAK is not rigidly adhere to. If people come to the MFC, we try to serve them.

Today I gave an assignment: we remove these restrictions, and people will come in without an appointment and receive services, as it was before the restrictions associated with the coronavirus. Nevertheless, we will see that there still was not crowding to social distancing that workers still were provided with individual protection equipment is a requirement.

— Visit the DCP for the record, in principle, the sensible thing may be, it is necessary to continue to keep? You don’t know how many people will be in front of you, and you can sign up in advance.

— Can be booked in advance, but we remove this restriction. After we removed the restrictions for the DCP, a large number of people have debt or lost documents, they have accumulated a huge number of such services, and they both could come to the MFC. So we made an appointment. Today, such a wave has passed. Today you can safely in order to come. You can sign up in advance, and you can come in normal queue. I’m sure as we have a large network, no crowding will not. At least we definitely will be watching for it.

— If you remember, I was haunted by this story, the young people wanted to sign, asked about the Registrar. It is clear that this can be done through public Services, but they still wanted some kind of ceremony. Now working as a Registrar?

events are not yet resolved, therefore, operate in the same mode.

— When the pools will be open? I want to get back to training.

— We have planned the opening of all sports clubs and gyms since June 23, including swimming pools. But, as I said, we all have those permissions on discovery taken only after checking the developments to this situationtion. We spent a week watching, not deteriorated situation or improved. For example, we 16 Jun opened summer cafes, museums, a zoo, a number of other companies. Allowed to the employees of the theatres to engage in the practice. But we have these decisions confirmed the day before. The same thing we will do on June 23.

on 22 June, on Monday, we checked the CPS, look at the pattern that is emerging in the city. And, if all goes well, will confirm this decision. And then on June 23 sports facilities, including pools, will be open. I hope it will happen. So far, no alarming signals that say otherwise, no.

— do you know when the Zaryadye Park, and then on the official page there is no information?

We most parks and squares in the place of residence was opened, but still tried to “charge” is not open, because this is a special Park. You know how popular he is. The area of this Park is very small, and the number of people who want to get there, great. So we were afraid of crowding of the visitors and kept it to the last. If the situation is normal, as I said, it is likely that on June 23 we will take a decision and open and also “charge”.

my Friends, I once again pay attention to if we have something open, give permission for the walk, opened parks, however, I still I beg you, if you see that there is much crowding because there are a lot of visitors, choose another time, or select another place. No need to rush in all heavy. Still the risk of infection by coronavirus is saved, so you need to protect yourself and try to choose those routes that are not very crowded.

— Another question about the transport, or rather, about the unused transportation. How to restore unused trips?

— On the website of the Department city Moscow posted the most detailed manner as possible to extend tickets. We will certainly try, if a lot of unused trips, extend all the tickets. To date we have extended, in my opinion, more than 200 thousand tickets. You can contact the ticket office and renew there. On Android phones you can use “Three” just to extend automatically, by downloading a special application. If this is difficult, please contact the ticket office of the underground and you will do it.

1 July, as you know, will be voting on amendments to the Constitution. Here, too, in fact, too many issues reported. How do you assess upcoming events, and whatever amendments you would point out?

— Each person chooses what he is closer and what he thinks is important. For one person it’s important historical heritage, for another culture, and for the third the rights of regions, and the fourth is health and social policy. Created this set of changes, which, by and large, for everyone. Every Muscovite can be found in the amendments something different, something that he thinks is important.

I think it is important… That we survived the pandemic, but I think the most difficult period has passed and in addition to the virtues of our health, in addition to the selfless work of physicians, have identified more specific problems that need to be addressed. And amendments to the Constitution say about the priority of health development as a national priority. It seems to me very important and relevant. Very important that it ensures the indexation of pensions, social benefits. You remember how much debate this was. There is money in the budget or not. Will index or will not. Now the Constitution guarantees, what it should be. This is the most important story for the citizens, sobenno for senior citizens.

There is a correction, which causes constant discussion about removing the time limit to elect one person President. I believe that this is a very important amendment, because this is a tough regulation, restrictions on election of the President more than two terms in a row what causes? It generates, for example, that today the acting President under the current Constitution has no right to be elected. What it means for our country, a complex country that is friendly to the environment in other countries, always some conflicts, challenges and so forth, here in this country we get a President who won’t be elected for another term. This implies that political uncertainty, instability. And what can cause a political instability in our country? I don’t want to show examples of those countries where is happening something unimaginable. We also have all sorts of challenges, political crises, but it is important to maintain political stability. Nobody talks about the fact that the incumbent will automatically be reappointed — will re-elect him if he is going to run. It still is not a fact, it’s his decision. Must be submitted to a vote, the citizens to accept the decision. But in order for our system was stable politically, the country managed, especially in these times we are going through is very important.

To ideological issues to which we return. I would like to organizational issues, to come back to several, especially people who are going to go to a vote, it’s really care. As everything is built? Now come, and I including came, the invitation to participate in the electronic mode in the upcoming vote. In your opinion, how will it be in demand and how work will be built observers?

I must say that the electronic voting system, electronic will of Muscovites has become part of our urban culture. We constantly vote for those or other problems, ranging from landscaping our yard, ending with the renovation and the inclusion in the renovation of certain houses. Discussion of projects, some large urban projects, city development priorities. In the elections to the Moscow city Duma, we also conducted an experiment on voting, on elections to the Moscow city Duma. That is, it has become a routine mechanism for identifying the views of citizens. Therefore, the possibility to electronically vote on the Constitution, I think it’s a natural step. This is the first. Second, in circumstances when there are risks of Contracting coronavirus, many people just do not dare to come to the polling station, and we must give them the right home-based in addition to a vote — all on the house will not come. To give the opportunity to vote, I think it’s our responsibility in this situation.

in addition, you know that people in the summer flock to the country. Many now, judging by the activity “Aeroflot” flights, a huge number of people fly outside of Moscow in some other regions. For them too it is important to have the opportunity to vote electronically and confirm his will. No one knows how they got where they are in this period of time. The figures speak about themselves: now to put the show up about 800 thousand people who want to vote electronically.

in addition, there are a huge number of opportunities to vote and no electronic voting – for God’s sake! If you don’t want that, please — there is another possibility. For the first time in the history of elections or such voting the vote will be practically within a week from 25 June to 1 July — almost 7 days. And do not dbe expected on 1 July. If you want to protect yourself, family, loved ones, which will come to the polling station, do it not on the 1st of July, not dotyagivaya. Come 25, 26, 27 is a much easier and safer to do, that is vote enough. If you feel unwell, are at risk, you can invite to the house of representatives of the precinct election Commission who, under the supervision of observers will help you to vote.

Opportunities enough, but e-voting gives another option, I think, very comfortable, good. International observers at the time, when we voted in the Moscow city Duma, tested the system and said that it is absolutely secure, absolutely determines the will of the citizens, completely closed and safe. Hopefully that will be this time as well.

— How to cook the polls to vote in connection with the epidemiological situation? Everything will be in normal mode or will be organized any additional security measures?

— of Course there will be additional security measures. First, we will monitor the health of themselves election commissions, their members, so they do not hurt. If necessary, time will test them. Provide personal protective equipment, masks, gloves employees of precinct election commissions. Will look to prevent people simultaneously at a polling station, that is will make the whole process as safe as possible for residents.

— Mr mayor, returning to the conceptual issues of the forthcoming elections. As we know and a lot of time watching, before important events, we always witness the clash of different interests, the clash of different points of view. Now this is also exacerbated by: someone likes, someone does not like it. And all the while give you some arguments. So let’s still the same point of view here, too light. Opponents of the vote, if you will, of course, such is the argument of the amendment, they say, do not give, will only lead to the rule of the oligarchs, oligarchic clans. Well, here it is necessary to make allowances that this is a social network, there are so many people, so many opinions. Comment?

— to be Honest, I can’t even imagine how these amendments will give the Board some oligarchs. Frankly, we and the oligarchs have not left even a single name so I do not know. We have a significant portion of corporations, which were such a widespread word, “privatized”, returned to the state. I by the experience know it well. A significant impact on the management of the state do not have, and after voting for the Constitution are unlikely to have. Rather the contrary, the state strengthened its sovereignty strengthened. So nothing more than idle talk.

— whatever it is, we are dealing with an important historical event, and the degree of public debate tells us that this is a really important historic event. By the way, what would you compare it?

— it is Difficult to compare. I took the time to participate in the organization of voting at adoption of the 1993 Constitution. I remember much discussion. I will tell you, the discussions were no less than now, and, perhaps even more because we took a completely new law with a new ideology, with new rules, regulations and so on. Today what we take, despite the fact that it is only partial amendments, which do not have such a global change of the Constitution, but, nevertheless, still actively discuss these changes.

I would, you know, maybe even made the analogy is not with the Constitution. Don’t know whether you remember or not, at the time, was a referendum to preserve the SovietUnion, and most Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and Kazakhs voted to preserve the Soviet Union. But on this vote it will not matter, nor included in any Constitution of our country, and it remained on paper, although people voted. Today we vote just for such provisions, the most important, as our country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, which will leave a point in the debate over the Kuril Islands, about Sevastopol, on the Crimea. And it will not just be some abstract referendum or poll, this vote, which will entail legal consequences. It will be enshrined in our basic law and to overcome it will only be possible again upon returning to the amendments to the Constitution that is extremely difficult. That is, it really gives a guarantee of our territorial integrity.

We always know that before all the choices there are so many those people who are in doubt to the last. There are so many people for whom this is the first important political event. With whatever words you have applied and those to others?

I would go with these words. We all have an opinion. Someone likes it, someone doesn’t like, but let’s not anyone be left to our own decision, the decision of our own fate, the fate of our own country. Let us make the decision, no one to delegate. Come to the vote on the Constitution and the decision will be made. It is our civic duty. If we are citizens of our country, we have the right to make decisions. We and we alone should determine the fate of our country.