The researchers shared the most unsafe passwords of Russians

Company DeviceLock, working in the field of cybersecurity, shared with the “News” list of the most popular among Russians insecure passwords. Compared to the previous year changes in the first three Cyrillic passwords did not happen.

“Best gift for the hacker” from the Russians decided to use to protect your computer combination of letters of the native alphabet, continues to be one of three words – “password”, “QWERTY” and “I”. Ten complete the password “love”, “Hello”, “Natasha”, “love”, “Maxim”, “Andrew” and “sun”.

Using one of these passwords to gain access to the user’s email, then the hacker can effortlessly hack all other services, in which he has registered from this address, said the technical Director DeviceLock Oganesyan. Unsafe password increases the risk of becoming a victim of fraud, Blackmailers and even – according to Hovhannisyan, the cases held for ransom by hackers account. They need to pay, otherwise threatening to publish the name of the victim of extremist materials.

the Most common passwords without the Cyrillic alphabet too, do not change the year in the top consists of a simple combination of letters and numbers (123456 and qwerty), their combinations (for example, 1q2w3e), password, or even a set of ones (111111).

Text: To.Hi-tech