The resignation of the government, Putin has promised to meet personally with each member of the Cabinet

After the announcement of the annual address to the Federal Assembly President of Russia it became known about the resignation of the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and the government.

At the meeting with Medvedev that “tete-a-tete”, as the President said, they had discussed the issues outlined in the letter.

Dmitry Medvedev noted that the President outlined a number of fundamental changes in the Constitution of Russia.

When they are adopted, said the now acting Premier, will change not only the number of articles of the Basic law, but in General, the balance of Executive, legislative and judicial power.

In these conditions, he noted, it would be correct that (in accordance with article 117 of the Constitution), the government of the Russian Federation in the current structure, resigned and gave the President the ability to make all the necessary decisions.

Putin expressed his satisfaction with the work of the government and entrusted to the outgoing staff to fulfil the duties before formation of new Cabinet.

“Not everyone, of course, happened, but it never works in full”, — said the head of state.

He promised to meet personally with each of the members of the Cabinet and asked them to perform the duties in full until the formation of the new government.

Putin also announced the intention to introduce the post of Deputy Chairman of the Russian security Council and to submit it to Dmitry Medvedev.

Earlier in his address the President of Russia proposed to make the Constitution a number of amendments.

in addition, Putin proposed to trust to the deputies of the state Duma approval of the candidate for Prime Minister, and then according to his view, — the Vice-premiers and Ministers.

the Head of state to reject them will not, but left him the right to dismiss the head and members of the Cabinet.