The resorts of Krasnodar region will again welcome guests

In the Krasnodar region launched a full-fledged holiday season. Today there are all the hotels and tourists are no longer facing a two-week observation. But the rest on the black sea coast is still held under the new rules.

Today is the first day when guests from other regions can easily enter in the Krasnodar region, and passing the Observatory and 14-day withdrawal, to get straight to rest.

Water in the Black sea is warmed up to 23 degrees and was comfortable for swimming. Resorts gradually trigger different types of travelers. But all at once open will fail.

yachts and the court is empty. They Shine updated decks, preparing to receive guests, to show them the gorgeous views from the sea, but yet from the crowded boat trips will have to wait a bit.

June was for the organizers of the holiday month of preparation for the new conditions. To receive tourists, need to rebuild on new — safe — way. Guests will be issued masks and gloves, and crew members twice a day to measure the temperature.

For booking and settlement of all kinds of accommodation facilities. On the housekeeping now takes more time — everything should be treated with antiseptic. Everywhere employees accompanied by a germicidal lamp. The CPS recommended hotels and Inns to seriously care about safety. After all, if you get sick at least one person, then the quarantine will have to send the whole building.

Cafes and restaurants welcome guests at the summer terraces. In the kitchen hard at work: the chefs prepare for guests delicious and healthy dishes of black sea cuisine. On the table guests are ready to submit all the fresh fish from the sea, vegetables from the garden and a compote of fresh Basil.

the Demand for recreation in Krasnodar region this year increased because of the difficulty of visiting foreign resorts. The mayor of Gelendzhik Alex Bogomilov recalled that in may and June due to coronavirus COVID-19 was lost for the holiday season, but hopes to safely catch the lastlyy year.

in the Summer of Krasnodar region plans to welcome 7 million tourists instead of the usual ten. Peak resorts will be in July and August.