The Bundesliga has a title fight again in the season finale. After ten championships of FC Bayern in a row, Borussia Dortmund wants to break the record streak of Munich and get the cup for the sixth time. “Many of our players are closer than ever to the championship trophy. And we don’t want to let this chance slip away,” said BVB coach Edin Terzic before last weekend, when his team took over the lead in the table from their rivals with a 4-0 win over Eintracht Frankfurt: “We should start as soon as possible with this chance pack with everything we have,” says Terzic.

Even if the title didn’t turn out (again) in the end, the Bundesliga at least got an exciting finish at the top. The fact that the decision was only made on the last of the 34 match days has only happened once in the past 13 years. In the 2018/19 season, Bayern won the trophy with a 5-1 win over Eintracht Frankfurt.

It is already clear that in the end so few points will be enough to win the title, which has not been the case since the 2010/2011 season. At that time, Dortmund triumphed with 75 points. And the rest of the program gives the league leaders BVB hope. Like Bayern, Borussia still has three home games on the remaining five matchdays. According to the table, the toughest opponents are Mainz and Wolfsburg and both have to play in Dortmund. Among other things, Bayern still have to deal with RB Leipzig.

Borussia Dortmund

1st place in the table, 29 games, 60 points, 66:39 goals

FC Bayern Munich

2nd place in the table, 29 games, 59 points, 79:33 goals