The results of national projects implementation: successes and challenges

on 25 December in the Kremlin Vladimir Putin held a meeting of the presidential Council for strategic development and national projects. Discussed the annual results of implementation of national projects. From us — 12. The only year from the Federal budget allocated a colossal amount of 1 trillion 750 billion rubles. But the President never tires of reminding the officials that the main thing not money, and people.

“The key result which we will achieve — is a real change for the better in people’s lives, changes that will be felt by all our citizens. I’m not sure that most people now have a feeling. This is also the opinion polls. Most important, going to repeat it again, of course, are the economy, infrastructure, demography, health, ecology, culture. National projects are a unique tool, as we all know and understand. Anything like this before in terms of scale and scope we never had nothing like that was applied to achieve the objectives in those areas that I have already mentioned”, Putin said.

Success a lot. About one million Russian families have received the support of the state: the maternity capital, the payout for the third and subsequent children, have issued preferential mortgage, and also could repay part of the mortgage.

For two years, there were 54 thousand new places at the nursery. In full force and effect, the system of preventive medical examinations. Medical examinations were 60 million Russians.

24.5 thousand people — three times more than planned — were resettled from dilapidated housing. Also increasing the construction of new housing for the year — more than 63 million square meters, which is 9% higher than in 2018.

hot topic — disposal of household wastes instead of their disposal. In 2019, processed and disposed of 15 million tons of garbage two times more than the previous year.

he Said the President and problems. For example, insufficient interaction between Federal and regitional authorities.

“I want to reiterate: the most important cross-cutting summary of national projects is a qualitative change in the work of the authorities, new modern approaches at all levels of management. In this regard, the second systemic problem is the still insufficient quality of interaction between the Federal authorities and regional: I would Like to repeat the Federal government need to be in constant contact with colleagues from regions, municipalities, assist them in solving problems, to come to the aid in difficult and unusual situations. Essential everyday interested cooperation, full partnership and a willingness to do things differently and more effectively together”, — said Vladimir Putin.

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