The review of protected phone Nokia 800 Tough:

This phone is not afraid of immersion in water, dust vortices, drops onto concrete, and even extreme temperatures. Its hardware stuffing flavored operating system KaiOS, in the app store which is popular programs, including Google and Facebook. Providing a telephone function in cellular networks, including 4G, the device can also act as access points for the distribution of mobile Internet. News.Hi-tech dealt with the advantages and disadvantages of Nokia 800 Tough.

At the end of last year, the company HMD Global, the owner of the Nokia brand, opened in Russia pre-order your “the strongest phone to date,” Nokia 800 Tough. The new device is dressed in shockproof case focused on employees of industrial enterprises and extreme sports. Unlike some other rugged models, the Nokia 800 Tough the operating system is installed KaiOS designed for push-button phones (without touch screen) manufactured mainly for emerging markets. Distinctive features of the OS based on Firefox OS are the minimum requirements to hardware resources, including memory (from 256 MB) and good energy efficiency. One of the largest investors development KaiOS is Google, which has already invested in the development of this system software is about 22 million dollars. In the Time magazine by the end of 2019 KaiOS entered the list of 100 best inventions. To date (starting from mid-2017), the number of devices running KaiOS, exceeded $ 110 million in more than 100 countries.

review of the Nokia 800 Tough: technical characteristically: Nokia 800 Todabaadka system: KaiOS, version 2.5.2 Display: 256K colors, 2.4 inches, TFT, 240×320 pixels (4:3, QVGA), the density of pixels per inch 167 rprocess: 2-core (28 nm) Qualcomm Snapdragon 205 (MSM8905), 32-bit core ARM Cortex-A7 (up to 1.1 GHz), DSP Hexagon 536Графическая subsystemsa: Adreno 304Память: 512 MB RAM, 4 GB, supported cards microSD/microSDHC (up to 32GB)Camera: rear 2MP, led flash, record videoconferencia SIM-cards-nanoSIM (4FF format) + nanoSIM (4FF format)/microSDРежим work of SIM-cards: Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS)Network: 2G, 3G (HSPA+ up to 42 Mbps), 4G (LTE Cat 4, to 150/50 Mbps), LTE-FDD: 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20; VoLTE VoWiFiИнтерфейсы: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz), Bluetooth 4.1, USB 2.0 (microUSB), 3.5 mm audio connectorname: GPS/A-GPSРадио: FM toprakkale: non-removable, Li-ion, 2 100 mA*ccertificate protection: IP68, MIL-STD-810G, from drops (1.8 m)temperature Range: -20 DEGC – +55 DEGCГабариты: 145,4×62,1×16,11 weight: 161 gcve: black, desert camo

review of the Nokia 800 Tough: complete

in Addition to the apparatus itself in a small cardboard box Packed: 5-watt charger, cable USB-microUSB, warranty card and quick user manual.

review of the Nokia 800 Tough: design, ergonomicsthe review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 1

the attributes of the protected devices attach to the exterior of the Nokia 800 Tough kind of brutality. Contribute to the picture decorative metal grille for speaker and microphone, a protective plate for the lens and flash, and defiantly open-head screws. Anti-slip surfaces and rubberized edges with a textured finish, among other things, help to securely hold the phone in your palm.

form factor Nokia 800 Tough is a conventional candybar dimensions 145,4×62,1×16,11 mm. With such dimensions the weight of this phone (161 grams) is not particularly surprising. Although received even more capacious battery (2 300 mA*h), not less secure device B35 Cat from the family of Caterpillar (the development and production of Bullitt Mobile is busy), it looks much sleeker – 138x60x13,9 mm and 130 grams, respectively. Colors housing Nokia 800 is Toughflax quiet, without sharp color accents. And along with a strict black colour and is more spectacular – “desert camouflage” (the phone in which we got to test).

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 2

Almost the entire front panel of the phone is divided between mechanical keyboard with rubberized keys and a little screen, below which is recognizable Nokia logo. The upper and lower ends of symmetrically placed metal grates on top for the “conversational” dynamics, and bottom – for a “conversation” of the microphone.

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 3

At the lower end is provided a securing eyelet hand strap or carabiner clip.

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 4

This design element will probably be useful during active operation of the phone.

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 5

At the top next to the led flashlight is a dense rubber plug.

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 6

it conceals the microUSB (for charging/synchronization) and 3.5 mm audio connector.

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 7

the Right edge with a textured rubberized surface remains free.

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 8

And on the left edge is well “masked” sealed slot.

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 9

Here on the tray accommodate two modules subscriber identity (with a nanoSIM card), whereas the second one might take a microSD memory card. To remove the pan you must use a special clip supplied.

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 10

the Back panel is adorned with another Nokia logo.

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 11

And in its upper part rendered rear photos module including the camera and flash. In common with them a metal plate provided a decorative grille “multimedia” speaker. Generally speaking, Nokia 800 Tough not felt in the hand too heavy, and, despite its impressive thickness, is quite comfortable in the palm of your hand, not trying to slip out.

review of the Nokia 800 Tough: protectionthe review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 12

Protected Nokia 800 Tough by definition designed for rough treatment. He is not afraid of dirt and sand. Moreover, he received a high degree of stability of the shell against the penetration not only of dust and moisture IP68, along with full dust-tight (IP6x), promises working out in the water (IPx8), with partial or short-term immersion in up to one meter for up to 30 minutes.

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 13

So the rain, even rain, this phone at all.

methods of testing the Nokia 800 Tough (the list of which manufacturer is not specified) meet MIL-STD-810G standard, which is mandatory for all military equipment of the United States and NATO countries. You know, in particular, that new phone can withstand extreme temperature changes from -20 to +55 C degrees

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 14

and drops from a height of 1.8 meters onto a hard surface such as concrete.

review of the Nokia 800 Tough: the screen, stuffing, autonomythe review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 15

the Phone is equipped with a small (non-touch) screen size 2.4 inches (6.1 cm) with a resolution of 320×240 pixels (4:3, QVGA) to TFT-matrix, displaying 256 thousand colors. The density of pixels per inch does not exceed 167 ppi here. The LCD brightness is adjustable in the settings (from 10% to 100% in 10% increments). In this case, the backlight did not turn off, or to select a time interval of 30 seconds, 1, 2, 5 or 10 minutes. On the settings tab accessibility the device is available to invert colors on display, to include “huge” font, etc. To lock the screen in the appropriate section, you can set a 4-digit password.

Under the hood of the Nokia 800 is Tough on a mobile platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 205 (MSM8905). Chipset, created with the observance of technological norms of 28 nm and contains, in particular, two 32-bit cores ARM Cortex-A7 with a maximum clock frequency of 1.1 GHz, graphics accelerator Adreno 304 and signal processor DSP Hexagon 536. In addition to this, the phone has got 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal memory, while the system occupies about 1.7 GB, and for media files, took about of 2.26 GB. However, to extend this small storage can be memory card microSDHC (up to 32GB). Recall that in this case it will take place the second SIM card in a hybrid slot. In the phone settings (on the tab “Memory”) for all media files you can choose the place of storage in memory the phone itself or on the memory card. Note that built-in phone book holds up to thousands of contacts.

Using a single radio channel, two subscriber identity module format nanoSIM (4FF) work alternately, in the mode of DSDS (Dual SIM Dual Standby). At the same time, LTE modem (Cat. 4, up to 150 Mbps) 4G supports “Russian three” frequency bands LTE FDD: b3 (1 800 MHz), b7 (2 600 MHz) / b20 (800 MHz). It is worth noting that the option “share Internet” in the phone settings allows you to organize and access point Wi-Fi to distribute the Internet to other devices, such as a laptop or tablet. Given the fact that the Nokia 800 is positioned for Rough outdoor adventures from the technology VoLTE and VoWiFi (Wi-Fi Calling), the most interesting is perhaps the first that allows you to talk and use 4G Internet access.

among the wireless communications of the novelty in the presence of Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz). But navigation using Nokia 800 Tough costs, it seems, only the GPS satellites, and to coordinate cellular and Wi-Fi networks in the presence of mode A-GPS.

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 16

to Find your way in the dark will help led flashlight, which is relatively fast (compared to one button) is activated from the quick settings panel. Note that the phone is physically separated led flash for camera and the aforementioned flashlight. Thus, in the passport data for the last specified maximum luminous flux of 198 lumens. For example, a 25-W incandescent lamp gives a luminous flux of 220 lumens.

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 17

the Phone has got non-removable Li-ion battery BV-5D 2 100 mA*h (3,8 V; 7,98 WH). The potential energy of the imagination, certainly not amazing. For example, B35 Cat with a battery of 2,300 mAh, and Blackview BV1000 – all on 3 000 mA*h.

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 18

However, produceeh 800 Tough promises that on a full charge talk time in 2G/3G/4G with one SIM card will be 12,5/14,3/9,4 hours, and standby time – 43,7/43/34 days, respectively. If simultaneously with two SIM-cards, the waiting time will also decrease up to 36,2/30,4/22,4 day. In the settings tab of “Battery” under the option power saving mode that can activate automatically when even 15%, 10% or 5% remaining charge. This turns off data transfer, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and geolocation. To fill the battery “under the neck” with the standard 5-watt adapter will need more than two hours. Monitor the level of charge is not very convenient, as the indicator on the main screen without the digital display. It should be borne in mind that when you connect to the power adapter after a full discharge the phone turns on not immediately, but waits a certain fill level of the battery.

review of the Nokia 800 Tough: the features of the softwarethe review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 19

the Nokia 800 Tough can be called “smart” because it operates under an operating system KaiOS (version 2.5.2), which provide support for networks 4G/3G, Wi-Fi and GPS navigation. As already noted, KaiOS good with devices with small RAM (256MB). In addition, the device based on KaiOS, you can usually use as access point to distribute the mobile Internet. Note that on the basis of KaiOS works and other well-known “extreme” – protected phone Cat B35.

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 20

But most importantly, the KaiOS have their own app store, allowing users to download desired programs. While their range is quite small, and the most popular of these apps are already preinstalled on the phone. The first simulatorturn this applies to Google, Assistant, Maps and YouTube and Facebook and WhatsApp. Not forgotten and the Twitter client.

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 21

by the Way, the WhatsApp messenger on push-button phones appeared only last year, so that voice and video calls from him yet, we can only correspond.

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 22

To work in the interface KaiOS often involves the selection keys, return, and scroll (joystick), and the power button, of course. By the way, the “Special opportunities” for the keyboard you can enable haptic feedback. Scroll up is called quick settings, where there is access to adjustments of brightness and sound, activate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling data transfer and a flashlight. Scroll to the left to access Orbita essential apps with icons for YouTube, Maps, Assistant, Facebook and WhatsApp. But after scrolling to the right you can see your existing contacts.

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 23

Press and hold the main of the scroll key starts voice assistant Google. However, it will be much more if version KaiOS finally mastered the Russian language.

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 24

After a short press the main joystick buttons opens a screen with icons of apps in the 3×3 grid, where their situation can be changed. Moving the icons is done by pressing the scroll – up, down, left, right. In the options offered displaying the icons of programs list or one at a time (“Single shot”).

some models of secure phones, for example, the above mentioned Blackview BV1000, shortwave antenna built right into the housing, theto that for the FM tuner does not require connecting a wired headphone. But the Nokia 800 is Tough without such procedures are not necessary. In this case, recall that she wired headset supplied with this phone not included.

review of the Nokia 800 Tough: camera, sound, videothe review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 25

By modern standards, a 2-megapixel rear camera, installed in Nokia 800 Tough, can’t seem to cause anything but smiles. However, button mobile phones, including protected and not too pampered owners of your photo opportunities. For similar devices with 2-megapixel sensor – quite a common thing. Therefore, a 5-megapixel camera, for example, “unbreakable” models Kyocera Dura, looks in this narrow niche completely flagship.

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 26

the Size of images received from the camera of the Nokia 800 Tough is 1600×1200 pixels. Standard video quality – 320×240 pixels (4:3, CIF), and the best – 720×480 (3:2, NTSC, 29.97 fps). Camera without autofocus, but in its Arsenal has led flash and digital zoom. In the settings of the Camera you can display a grid on the viewfinder, refer to “Gallery” to switch between “Photo” and “Video”, and also to determine the timer (3, 5 or 10 seconds) and flash (“Auto”/”On”/”Off.”). By the way, digital zoom and flash (mode indication) is available and when fixing the video. Photography and video recording are activated with the main button of the scroll (joystick), but dedicated buttons are provided. The results of the video packaged in a container file 3GP, for where audio compression is used LC AAC, and for video AVC.

the review of protected phone nokia 800 tough dirt is not afraid 27

“Multimedia” speaker in the smartphone fairly powerful – it has a maximum volume level, the manufacturer evaluates the 103 background. This logarithmic unit is different from dB in that it is volume values correlate with the sensitivity of human hearing at different frequencies. So, pure tone with a frequency of 1000 Hz level in the backgrounds is numerically equal to the level in decibels. Recall that 100 dB is the noise in the subway or thunder. However, even high speaker volume may not positively affect the sound quality, which is not surprising. About any active noise cancelling manufacturer does not mention (because the second microphone is not available). The developers are not without reason to believe that the power dynamic is enough to “shout down” the ambient noise.

In the Music app (MP3 player), you can create your playlist, save tracks (like the ringtone), sort them by artists, albums or songs, etc. it also Supports files with extensions AAC, WAV, FLAC but, alas, no. The sound level can be adjusted directly during playback by scrolling the joystick up or down. But the volume controls in the settings for media, ringtones/notifications and alarm are separate.

Recall that the wired audio headset for Nokia 800 is a Tough connects via a 3.5 mm connector and wireless Bluetooth. On the settings tab accessibility devices there is even the option “volume Balance” (five steps to the right and to the left).

voice Recorder offers two recording speeds, and saves the results in a somewhat unusual format opus. Note that the codec of the same name was created to sound transmission in real time over the Internet. It supports multi-channel transmission speed from 6 to 510 kbps, sampling rate 8 to 48 kHz, provides a low latency encoding and good compression. By the way, listen to download phone opus file, you can not only “omnivorous” media player VLC but and browser Mozilla Firefox.

a Preinstalled Videos app plays the files in MP4 (H. 264) and 3GP (MPEG-4), but to watch a movie in MKV or AVI it will not happen. In the electronic manual Nokia 800 Tough profoundly marked “by the Council. Supported video formats”. And wouldn’t it be better still to clarify? For video in fullscreen mode in the settings you should select “Wide (16:9)”. However, viewing on a tiny phone screen – pleasure rather doubtful. By the way, the Video application has a direct link to the program “Camera”.

review of the Nokia 800 Tough: buying, insights

the Protected device Nokia 800 Tough can provide telephony and Internet access in the most demanding conditions posed, for example, bad weather or industrial environment. In addition to the high level of protection of the housing, the main “chip” of this push-button device can be considered the operating system KaiOS, through which the phone will have access to the app store with a number of popular programs, as well as the possibility of organizing access points, Wi-Fi for sharing mobile Internet to other devices. It should be noted a good autonomy and support networks 4G with VoLTE technology. Among the design features of the device is allocated the slot with the possibility of installing a microSD memory card, eye for attaching carabiner clip, and separate the physical implementation of the flash and flashlight.

the disadvantages of this device should include low quality small screen, weak photo-opportunities, and lack of integrated short-wave antenna for the FM tuner.

At the start of sales for Nokia 800 Tough asked 7 990 rubles. A worthy competitor to it would be the camera Cat B35 all-weather family “caterpillar”, as that differs very little in basic stuffing, seasoned with KaiOS, and the specific enclosure. Unfortunately, in the broader Russian retail B35 Cat is not represented (although you can buy it, of course, possible about the same price, somewhere around 7-8 thousand rubles). So in this rather narrow niche of the Nokia 800 Tough there is every chance on success.

the outcome of the review Nokia 800 Tough


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Low quality kranaatti embedded shortwave antenna for FM thunersee photo-opportunities Text: News.Hi-tech