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The river fleet to bring food and fuel to the villages on the Lena river

The river fleet to bring food and fuel to the villages on the Lena river

Passenger navigation on the Lena river began late in the month this time there was a large water. Residents of the remote Northern villages of save the river fleet. He delivers food, fuel and building materials.

lead-colour Sky and endless torrential rains. In the North of the Irkutsk region-one cyclone replaced by another. As a result, the water level on the Lena river rose. But such vagaries of weather, the employees of the river fleet not complaining. On big water, they rush to deliver to remote areas of the Baikal region and the neighboring Yakutia precious cargo. The ships carry food, fuel and building materials.

“If you take the Northern areas of the Irkutsk region, the availability of most of winter. Summer is practically no roads,” — said senior assistant captain Vladimir Gozluk.

During one trip the ship can deliver several thousand tons of cargo. The Lena river is one of the most powerful ships-tugs – “Paul chieftain”. He is from the Kirensky district of the Baikal carries the load of wood in Yakutsk for housing. Now the river is like on a busy highway with heavy traffic. Vessels from small ships to large cargo ships moving through the waterway. Almost all vehicles are from a huge storage terminal in Ust-Kut.

rail freight from across the country delivered to Osetrovskaya port. Then they are reloaded onto barges and transported by water to remote cities and towns. At the moment it is the most convenient and safe transport.

North river Lena does not forgive mistakes. In case of danger there is no help around the endless taiga. As a reminder, on the banks of the river lie broken ships. Especially difficult part of the canyon called Lena cheeks. On a narrow plot with a rapid flow killed dozens of vehicles.

No less a difficult situation on a mountain Vitim river. At her court delivers coal to the village Mother and Bodaybo. No roads here, so water transport — is the only way to deliver fuel. The Northern territory is in dire need of coal, because the heating season lasts most of the year.

“we Have the edge of the Northern, mostly cold. So coal is needed almost all year round and just three months not needed. The frosts we have up to 45 and more,” — says the engineer of the coal warehouse of the city Bodaybo Catherine Stalinska.

the River fleet for residents North of the Irkutsk region is important because it provides jobs. Almost 30% of the population of Ust-Kut and Kirensky districts are working at the enterprises of river transport.