The road is tainted: new road in Petrozavodsk still not

In Petrozavodsk the area near the road filled specific soil. He became the source of a pungent smell, which is spread all around. For the locals the way home was a real challenge.

“In season I suffer from allergies, and when you come home, these smells before the nose, then a very bad headache,” says a resident of the district, Anastasia Kuznetsova

Not only dust from the road, but pungent and suffocating smell — the road home for residents of the neighborhood, the Estate became unbearable. In a wooded area near the roadway are a sewer network. Almost 20 years they were abandoned; last year the station was transferred to maintenance “PKS – Vodokanal”. The utility immediately began the reconstruction of: emergency pipe replaced and the area was filled with soil.

“Consists of sewage sludge and wood filler. We use wood waste — bark, sawdust. All mix and the composting process is high temperature up to 70 degrees. Killing all the negative and it turns out microflora of the soil nutrient, which over time Matures and develops in the ground”, – says Ilya Chizhikov, head of the Department of environment and licensing “PKS-Vodokanal”.

But something in the processing has gone wrong. The material was a bit too strong…

“Stirred excavators; apparently, in the center of the collar was not quite Mature product. He needs time for ripening, — says Ilya Chizhikov. — Realizing that now such a situation has arisen, we’ve got a special agitator ledge; it will mix better than digger.”

to understand in what the reason, soil samples again were taken for laboratory analysis. After all, to abandon this technology in the “PKS-Vodokanal” is not going to. Such raw material now used in the improvement of the city near October and Drevlyanka. In the trailyuschem year it will be used for reconstruction of the networks in the area of Pescoluse.

Work on the site almost complete, it remains to level the area and sow it with grass. As experts say, the smell should go away in a few days. If citizens will continue to complain, soils would be covered with sand or completely remove.