The road South: opened a long-awaited detour Losevo on the M4

In the Voronezh region opened to traffic on the new section of the highway M4 “don”. Construction took place from 2017. The road has four lanes. The total length of 85 kilometers. The fare for cars on weekdays will be 200 rubles.

the Road from the capital to the black sea coast has become shorter. Paid part of the route bypassing settlements Losevo and Pavlovsk solved the problem a seasonal multi-kilometer traffic jams.

due to the narrowing of tracks, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings traffic flow towards the South (and North depending on the season) was moving at a snail’s pace.

“It’s a huge gift to our motorists,” said Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Eugene Dietrich.

the four-lane highway with a length of 85 kilometres were built over three years. During this time the road changed the local landscape: cut the hills, filled the ravines. Two million cubic meters of asphalt, the assurance of the builders, will last without major repairs for 30 years. Throughout, toll road located the mast of artificial lighting.

the fare is 200 rubles for passenger transport. Fare discount is provided for the owners of the transponder. The maximum allowed speed of 130 kilometers per hour. The movement of cars see hundreds of cameras; the image is displayed on the monitors of operators.

In case of emergency — car broke down, ran out of gas — come to the aid of emergency commissioners.