The road to

In the capital of the polar region returned 10 young northerners who are fortunate enough to visit the educational center “Sirius” in the city of Sochi. This trip was made 10 pupils from Murmansk and Nickel, have attained much success in literature, painting, and mathematics. For 24 days they were developed by leading educators of the country, experts in the field of painting, literature and exact Sciences. It is reported by the GTRK “Murman”.

Alex Dezhin, party change, said: “it Was good, anyway, stay in this atmosphere of talented, extraordinary people, of course, inspired and motivated. I have not had time to leave and already want to go back. It really is a great place where you can realize itself and gain much experience, to communicate with amazing people.”

the programme of the visit included master classes and creative meetings with famous people. In 2019, the camp was visited by more than 40 young northerners. In March 2020, it is planned their meeting with the founder of “Sirius” by the head of the Foundation “Talent and success” Elena Shmeleva. She will come to Murmansk to meet with the Governor of the polar region and with children who should know: the opportunity to go to Sochi is at all, who does well and striving for new knowledge.

the Volunteer accompanying teacher Christine Adamovich advises: “you Can not be a winner of some competitions. The most important thing — to take the online courses, then head to selection. Children are selected from our region in limited, of course, the number, but the chance everyone has”.

Text: GTRK “Murman”