The road to the sea is laid: which resorts in the country can go Russians

Monday, June 22, Krasnodar region lifted the quarantine and opened the entry for tourists from all over the country. Almost immediately from Moscow Sheremetyevo to Sochi flew the first flight with the tourists. How was the flight and what will be the marine recreation in 2020? Many have accumulated holidaymakers pioneers and how they met the black sea coast?

the first flight to Sochi flew in an hour after the official opening of resorts in the Krasnodar territory at 1:05 nights second flight literally 5 minutes in a 1:10 nights. A total of 22 June 35 flights to the seaside resorts — Sochi, Anapa, Simferopol and Kaliningrad. Not only from the capital and from 14 Russian cities. The road to the sea is laid.

the Flight attendants wearing masks and gloves, passengers, too, with a few exceptions. The Seating is tight — as usual. Board filled to capacity. The mask can be removed only when eating or drinks. If the flight lasted more than three hours, passengers would be asked to change protective equipment and distributed to fresh. Every two hours there is a processing working surfaces and disinfection of bathrooms. Keep your distance on Board at all desire it is impossible either in flight or when landing. The usual crowd at the baggage belts.

Monday arriving at the Kuban is no longer threatens the Observatory and 14-day-isolation.

the water in the sea — 23 degrees. While enjoy the views from the shore. Group boat trips will be allowed later.

All of the hotel started. The cleaning rooms are now spending more time — an additional treatment with a preservative. Employees accompanied by a germicidal lamp. While catering to feed the guests only ventilated open porches.

“the CPS, it is important that the maximum distancing and separation of people prying, random, to avoid transmission of infection to interrupt the epidemic process. That’s the main thing. If a group of peopleth lives together and comes to rest, of course, they have the right to settle together”, — said the Deputy head of Department of sanitary inspection of Rospotrebnadzora Andrey Guskov.

“as for the certificates, then to the hotel facilities there is no such requirement. It remains only for sanatorium-and-Spa institutions, that is, for sanatoriums, boarding houses with treatment. Mandatory if check-in required certificate of absence of contact with an infected in the last 14 days and analysis by PCR the absence of infection,” — said the Minister of tourism and resorts of Krasnodar region Svetlana Balaeva.

Where else can you go for a vacation this summer? There are options.

“we Have this week the first aircraft will fly to Kaliningrad, and on 28th June starts summer navigation — cruise company will go in the first cruises of this year. Overall, we expect that by July 1, the majority of the regions tourism is ready to receive tourists from all over the country, including Crimea”, — said the head of the Federal tourism Agency of sarin doguzova.

the Cost of tours to the Crimea, 20-25 percent higher than in the Krasnodar region. If in Sochi hotel will cost 3 thousand rubles per person per day, in Yalta it will cost 3.6 million rubles. According to estimates of tour operators, the basic tour for 7 days in the Krasnodar region with flights and accommodation in hotel or motels with full Board will cost a minimum of 15.7 thousand rubles per person, and in the Crimea, on similar conditions, from 18.9 rubles.