The robbery of the house of the leader of the group

Robbery of a cottage leader of the group “Uma Thurman”: that criminals found in a safe by the Failed attempt of thieves to Rob the cottage of the leader of the musical group “Uma Thurman” Vladimir Kristovsky. Criminals got to the safe, but instead of jewels saw the message of the artist to the robbers.

– we had some visitors. Broke the window and then headed to the third floor.

a Soloist of the group “Uma Thurman” Vladimir Kristovskiy in this role have not yet tried it, but decided to tell about the visit of the robbers who broke into his suburban home. On the third floor, the musician has set the safe in which were kept two hunting rifles.

As he says Vladimir when he left for the cottage, like a premonition: the house can welcome uninvited guests.

“when I left, I specifically on the safe wrote: “Dear thieves, this safe, no jewelry, no money. Don’t waste your time”. But in Russia there is a saying “Trust but verify”. That’s the result”, — says Vladimir Kristovskiy.

the Guns the thieves were not interested, they were looking for gold jewelry and money.

– Picked up some earrings. Thank God my wife is not particularly fond of. There is nothing more to take did not, apparently, scared them off.

the Robbers decided to flee someone’s house down directly from the balcony of the third floor.

– where the grass is trampled down, the field they went. That’s what happens, guys, when leaving the country.

to enter the territory of the village of Eden, you need to drive or walk through this checkpoint round the clock on duty employees of private security. Another way to get to the houses will not work. Right a high fence and the forest, and left also behind a high fence — the territory of military warehouses.

apparently, the attackers were prepared to RAID on singer’s house with care. It is possible that they could use special equipment to get to the village from the only possible side nnecessity to overcome the river and climb the steep slope, where in the end the robbers were waiting for the fence.

Another robbery occurred yesterday in one of cottage settlements in the Istra district of Moscow region. The robbers broke into the home of four-time champion of Russia on hockey, and now the coach of the hockey club “Siberia” Oleg Orekhovsky. The criminals managed to find in his country mansion 120 thousand euros and 20 thousand rubles. They took my Bank card. Tried to withdraw money with her, but failed.

the Star status of the victim of the robbers does not stop, on the contrary, like attracts. The house of a famous person, unfortunately, cannot be his castle.

“Stars are now often provoke. They frequently appear on television, often shown in social media as they earn good money, they live well. And thereby they, of course, to provoke those people who want easy cash. And no security system do not help, stars become victims of such criminals” — explains the lawyer Aleksei Nazarkin.

Dozens of surveillance cameras and alarm system did not save even a Hollywood star Paris Hilton. In 2008, in her mansion in Los Angeles, the thieves managed to climb up 5 times. As it turned out, in those robberies was to blame for the Paris. The door shut, then a key under the Mat leave. In the end, celebrity has lost hundreds of shoes, handbags and outfits totaling $ 2 million.

as for the raiders at the house of Vladimir Kristovsky, the intruders are looking for. Police are viewing surveillance cameras installed on the territory of the village elite. A musician himself, having conducted a detailed tour of the cottage, with the press yet does not communicate. According to some, Kristovskiy began furnishing these home security systems.

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