The route is covered by snow. Chelyabinsk oblast has covered snowfall

today, the South Urals were forced to face the vagaries of nature. In several districts of the region passed a strong snowfall, the correspondent GTRK “southern Ural”.

According to the estimates of weather forecasters, on the night of 14 January storm covered about half of all municipalities of the Chelyabinsk region, in the Central and Northern areas of the Blizzard. Stronger all precipitation has hit the mining area, in particular, on the Asha district. It was there operating in the emergency mode of the road have difficult to clear the snow, they began the prior evening, January 13, and in the morning were connected for more power. Just for cleaning the regional highways, according to the Ministry of a road economy and transport, at night it was withdrawn 185 units. While the work does not stop and still.

the Route is covered by snow. Chelyabinsk oblast has covered snowfall Motorists recommend to abandon the long trips, and find themselves behind the wheel remind that in case of difficult situation you can contact the dispatcher service of Mindortrans by phone 8 (351) 237-88-92.

we will Add, according to forecasts of Hydrometeorology, the difficult weather conditions will continue in the region until at least tonight, January 14. Declared a yellow level of risk.

Text: STRC “South Ural”