The route of the

the resorts of the Kuban were pulled tourists. Experts daily record increase in tourist arrivals. For the convenience of arriving on vacation from July 10 to extend the route of “Swallows” on the black sea coast.

As informs GTRK “Kuban” has aired on TV channels “Russia 1” “Russia 24”, the train Rostov-Tuapse will now proceed to the station Imeretinskaya (Olympic Park). Selling tickets for the new route is already open.

And in Starominsky district will be the area for 25 million rubles. The money was allocated from Federal, regional and municipal budgets in the framework of the national project “Housing and the urban environment”. Reconstruction of the recreation zone on the territory of about five thousand square meters has already begun.

Summer vacation is not just sea, and the abundance of berries and fruits. But companion these pleasures hot months becomes enterovirusnoj infection. While on vacation you need to remember about health standards, which recommend that the CPS and medical doctors, in connection with the coronavirus. Today at 18:10 on Mayak radio (91.4 FM) find out how to protect yourself and others from unpleasant diseases in the height of summer.

Text: GTRK “Kuban”