The ruble began the week down

the ruble exchange Rate decreases on the first day of the begun week. The dollar on the Moscow stock exchange rose 15 cents to almost 70 rubles, Euro – 30 cents to 78.6 of the ruble, according to trading by 11:00 GMT.

Ruble drops with oil price on the world market. Oil prices on Monday, 29 June Friday, losing about 3%, or about $ 1.2 per barrel. The European benchmark Brent is about 40.2 per dollar, us crude fell by 37.8 percent (+0.05 percent), according to trading in London at 11:00 GMT.

the Russian stock indexes drop index Masuri, the ruble value of Russian stocks, losing about 0.8%, the RTS index, the dollar value of the shares, also about 0.8%.

the ruble to the end of 2020 will be strengthened and the dollar will fall dramatically to 60 to 62 rubles, predicts the head of Sberbank German Gref.

world markets are likely for the dollar to depreciate by one third because of the rise of the second wave of coronavirus in the United States, the largest economy in the world. Support to rouble can render and rising in price oil, if not global return pandemije.