The ruble ends the month under pressure, Euro exceeded 80 rubles

the ruble ends the week and month loss of all accumulated consolidation for the period from mid-may. The dollar exceeded the level of 71 rubles, and at the evening auction of the Moscow exchange is trading at 71.2 ruble (+1.2 ruble to closing Monday), the Euro rose to at 80.02 rubles (1.3 rubles), according to trading 18:20 GMT.

In early June, the ruble has reached pre-crisis levels (dollar and 68 rubles, Euro 76.7 per ruble), but under the pressure of the players dropped on Friday to the level of mid-may, the starting point of the fortifications.

punters have stepped up the attack on the ruble on the eve of the day of 1 July, the stock of currency in case of a possible deterioration of the situation on the world markets while the Russian currency market will not work.

Analysts of ROSBANK expected depreciation of the ruble amid falling stream of export earnings, upcoming dividend payments of Russian companies (purchase of dollars on the ruble dividends) and the risk of escalation of the political conflict between the US and China.

According to ROSBANK, the dollar strengthened to 71.5 ruble in the third quarter and will fall to 70 rubles to the end of the year, and to 69 rubles at the beginning of 2021, while the Euro strengthened to 77.9 rubles, and then will drop to 77 at the end of the year to 77.3 rubles at the beginning of next year.

no Economic reasons for the weakening of the national currency. Russia’s economy is quickly restored. “Russia can go through the crisis easier than other countries; the opinion of the team of macroanalytical Alfa-Bank, due to the small proportion of small and medium business in the structure of the Russian economy”, — noted in the review of the largest private Bank in the country.

the Price of oil remains stable in the morning after a small decline by 20-30 cents. According to trading in London on Tuesday to 18:20 GMT, a barrel of European Brent oil give 41.1 dollar (-1,3%), and for the American WTI — 39,45 dollars (-0,4%).

stocks with lunch does not change. Index MossJiri, the ruble value of Russian shares, decreased by 0.5% (morning minus 0.1%), the RTS index, the dollar value of the stock decreases by 1.7% (morning ROS of 0.6%).