The ruble has accelerated the decline in the dollar above 71 ruble

the ruble is rapidly declining for the afternoon auction of the Moscow exchange. For dollar already give 71,13 rubles for the first time since may 28 that more than 1.13 rubles more than the closing of the currency auctions on Monday. The Euro rose almost on the ruble, to 79.6 of the ruble, according to data from the Moscow exchange by 15:20 GMT.

the Market lacks positive news for growth. Per day — compared to the beginning of trading Monday, the dollar and Euro rose by almost 1.7 ruble.

Alarm investors again associated with the accelerating pace of the spread of the pandemic in individual countries and the risk of re-introduction of restrictive measures. The situation remains difficult in the United States, the world’s largest economy, where a number of States re-imposed quarantine restrictions. “Enough remains a serious epidemiological situation in Brazil and India”, which certainly puts pressure on all emerging market currencies, says Yuri Kravchenko, head of Department of the analysis of banks and money market IK “Veles the Capital”.

the pressure on the ruble provided and reducing the cost of oil. According to trading in London on Tuesday to 15:20 MSK, a barrel of European Brent oil give $ 41, and for the American WTI — $ 39. In comparison with the close of trading on Monday, prices fell by 2%, or about 30 cents.

the Index of Masuri, the ruble value of Russian shares, decreased by 0.5% (morning minus 0.1%), the RTS index, the dollar value of the stock decreases by 1.7% (morning ROS of 0.6%).

Investors scare and scandal in the United States, fanned before the election in the country: that Russia interfered in the situation in Afghanistan. On Monday evening, the EU extended sanctions against Russia, and the United States imposed new constraints on the supply of technologies and equipment in Russia. The US is preparing new sanctions against the project “Nord stream-2”, which can include in the defense budget.